Warfare Miniatures - Partizan May 20, 2018

Some of Steve Shann's wonderful collection of Warfare Miniatures cavalry

We are very much looking forward to Partizan on Sunday and we have a full team on the park - Toggy, DOB and myself.

We are demo-ing The War of Three Kings in the setting of Flanders and if anyone wants to come along, throw some dice, ask some questions then please do - We're ready!

Warfare Miniatures products will be on sale from Helion & Co at the show. They will also be carrying a limited number of The War of Three Kings but, if anyone wants to pre-order figures, books, counters and flags (Helion do not carry either of these last two items) please let me know before Saturday so I can pack them for you. You can link straight to the Warfare Shop here

We have some new stuff on the boil including this rather handsome Russian Dragoon regiment comprising 1 x RC1, 2 x RC2 and 1 x RC5 for £31.00

Toggy's super new building will be a feature of the game:

We'll have some other painted items which have yet to be released on display too.

See you there!