Warfare Miniatures: Prussians and Danes 1700-1721

Danish Marching Command pack

Clibinarium has been busy producing what I would describe as the 'bridge' figures between our Great Northern War and War of the Spanish Succession collections.

Prussian Command pack rear view

Prussian Command Marching

Primarily these codes were designed to complete the nations of the GNW giving us Swedes, Russians/Saxons, Danes and Brandenburgers /Prussians.

Prussian musketeers marching

Of course both Danish and Prussian troops fought in the western theatres too and so these models begin our march into the Flanders, Danube and Spanish theatres in a rather spectacular way.

Prussian Grenadiers Marching

Marching codes are very utilitarian and we have produced  'hatmen'  and grenadiers for both nations. The Danes have the characteristic double breasted coat and the Prussians the distinctive belt on the outside and coat drawn back together with the identifiable mitre.

Danish Musketeers marching

The Command packs could  probably serve in serve almost any army and are very flavoursome.

Danish Grenadiers marching

very naturally posed Danish Grenadiers

Detachable arms for the marchers as usual.

There are more Prussians and Danes to come - Firing lines are next and we also think a cast back 10-15 years to the 1690s looks to be a good idea. I would expect these models to b commercially available in late March.