Warfare Miniatures Scots Militia 1680-1719

H002 Scots Militia in mixed dress
Scotland has seen more than its fair share of conflict over the centuries. Often the violence has not been on the massed battle scale but sized more conveniently for we 21st century hobbyists who like our games more in the bijou style!
A Highland laddie signed up for the Militia
From the post Restoration unrest involving the Covenanters, through Highland rivalry, civil disturbance, Argyll's Rebellion damp squib, the Jacobite campaign of 1689, the Glencoe incident in 1692, Rob Roy and the '15 on to the lesser known 1719 Spanish intervention and battle on a mountainside, Scotland offers much fodder for small to medium sized games.
Highland or Lowland dress - trews could be painted tear-tain
Of course battles like Killiecrankie and Sherriffmuir although modest by European standards are interesting and resaonbly large. Dunkeld involved about 5,000 men in an urban inferno and Cromdale, Drumclog and Bothwell Brig all offer interesting wargaming options.
Leven's? Kenmure's? Argyll's? Cameronians?
To fill yet another gap in the figure market Warfare are offering this interesting pack of mixed dress Militia. Some men are in clearly military cut clothes whilst others wear a mix of Highland and Lowland dress or simple Highland garb. The constant across all five models is the matchlock musket.
Give him a red coat and he could be in Flanders
These models could turn out as a Highland chief's hearth guard, a city garrison, volunteers in a new or poorly equipped militia regiment or armed civilians.
Interesting Highland variant could be a Clansman too!
We'll feature them in action on the table as time goes by but they are now available as code H002.

Designed by an Englishman in the Highlands Mr Steve Shaw!