Warfare Miniatures Siege Equipment

Looking for gear to help get round Adrain's Walls? Coming in July, Warfare Miniatures will offer a full range of siege equipment!
  1. Artillery 'A' Frame gin with block and tackle
  2. Siege artillery/infantry screen with sliding doors at head height
  3. Chevaux de frise
  4. Coehoorn mortar / medium mortar + bomb / petard + carrying poles
  5. Gabions (3 types) under construction + scaling ladder
  6. Table, chair, 2 chests, pick, shovel and long .axe
  7. Large fascine rack with 3 stacked fascines, 2 loose large fascines and 2 loose small fascines
  8. 2 barrels, metal cauldron, powder basket, water half butt, upturned church bell used as mortar for powder grinding and sieve.
  9. Large siege mortar and shell 
In addition, we have nine variants of large, four wheeled wagons with a variety of hard and soft tops, hay nets, tool boxes etc. These will probably be cast in resin for retail. Finally, we have two sizes of completed gabions (currently cast in resin).