Warfare Miniatures.. some progress on restocking and an update on flag orders

 Just a note to let everyone know that a trickle of stock has started to arrive at HQ. I have limited supplies of some codes which are currently 'off site' but I will reload over the next couple of days. I have also placed a whacking great stock order which I believe, our casters will be starting on today. That will come through in batches so things will take a while to get back to normal. 

Warfare USA will also begin to be restocked through this activity. I feel compelled to apologize for the interruption to normal service even though I did not originate Covid 19 in my basement laboratory here in Scotland. The supply chain knock-on was cataclysmic. Warfare has not received a full stock order in 2020. The last stock I got was in November 2019. This has of course disappointed you, cost us a lot of lost sales and stock projects going ahead. 

Customers who have been patiently waiting for missing items will see them dropping through the letterbox over the next couple of weeks. I have emailed many of you to let you know what is coming and when to expect it. Again, I thank you sincerely for your patience.

As a glass half full sort of chap, I see a bright future.. lots to share will you on new, diverse and exciting projects in the latter half of 2020 and Q1 2021.

Watch for (completely) new ranges, 3 new books , flags ,lots of new pdf uniform guides and scenarios plus the release of Ottoman gunners, new command, armoured sipahis, artillery, Tatars, mounted Cossacks and WSS infantry.

Clib, and my brush have not been furloughed so, you can get as excited as we are about all the new stuff!

And now, on to the curious case of flags. We currently have a lot of flag orders outstanding. Regular customers will know I usually turn these around in a week at most, sometimes two days. The Covid chutney continues to pile up and... just as we expected a restock of our photo-print paper (for flags) we were helpfully informed by our stationer that there is a UK(possibly global) shortage of HP photostock paper which is what we use.

Not a sheet to be found at any retailer or wholesaler online in the UK or elsewhere. This has forced a delay in printing orders (for which I again, sincerely apologize) and has us now experimenting with alternative sources of paper. I do hope to have a high quality workable solution available this week which will see the back orders handled. We have had to resort to Clarence shipping printed sheets from the US to fulfil some UK orders this week. When customers have rightly paid for domestic shipping only, this as you will appreciate destroys margins and some. 

Despite these commercial travails, we soldier on.... Always looking on the bright side.