Warfare Miniatures... The Story So Far

Barry Hilton - On occasion I visit a hobby store in Glasgow called Static Games. Over the years I got to know a genial giant called Spencer Warner who worked there. When Static began to stock the first edition of Beneath the Lily Banners Spencer got really excited about the period and decided to commission a figure range. He would now and again ask me for advice on uniforms and details of the period which were gladly passed. One day he contacted me to ask if I wanted to be financially active in his project. After some careful thought my wife Gwen and I said yes but really wanted nothing to do with the mechanics of the business. He handled every detail of interaction with sculptors and casters. We continued to throw in the shekels until we were told by Spencer of his illness. During this period, with Spencer no longer able to manage the day to day development we agreed that the ownership of the now christened; Warfare Miniatures would pass on. The name was Spencer’s idea. Since Gwen has assumed command, the enterprise has been all consuming. It has taken almost all of our spare time and some. The company has built a strong relationship with sculptor Clibinarium, a hugely talented chap and casting partners along with various other important back of house support. My role is this project is to drive the development of the range from a historical perspective by planning miniatures development in line with customer needs. Gwen manages the business and in effect she is my Boss! Not an issue (most of the time!).

Since Warfare Miniatures started trading in August 2011 the range has grown rapidly. Covering the period 1660-1720 it now offer over 130 different sculpts with a further 50-60 to be released this year. Warfare has passed several important milestones including the appointment of Le Roi Soliel Miniatures of Houston, Texas as official stockist in North America. Bob Miller, friend and fellow blog contributor is at the helm there. Warfare has three contributing sculptors each doing parts of the range with the majority of output from Clibinarium. Soon French infantry and Horse, nine different resin cast wagons, a huge quantity of siege related equipment, mounted dragoons and informally dressed infantry will be available. Wordtwister Publishing offers rules complementary to the figure range. Sadly, Spencer passed last summer. I spoke with him at Carronade not long before. He was delighted that his baby had grown up so quickly and still took a keen interest in what was happening. I am sure he would be proud to see that Warfare has established itself as a strong brand in the market place.

Through this blog we’ll keep you posted on the plans of Warfare so drop by as often as you can.