Warfare Miniatures: The wagons are finally rolling

WLOA940 Water wagon.. maybe it's wine!
There have been some false dawns with the range of wagons designed in 2013. The chief problem was finding a resin moulder but Adrian's Walls came to the rescue on that front. We are now in a position to offer eight different variants on four basic designs. You can see all in detail in various posts over the next few weeks but for now here is a summary with a shot of each.

WLOA941 The traditional covered wagon
I am very happy with how the models fit together and also how they paint up. There will  be a tutorial on assembly shortly but actually the process is very simple.

WLOA942 Covered wagon variant - different stowage
Sales have more than justified the initial investment in design. I requested that our designer use as a reference point the Eduard Wagner book European Weapons & Warfare 1618-1648. The sketches from this book are hugely informative and provide endless inspiration for wargamers. Improvements in technology were not enormous between 1600 and about 1850 so the beauty of our wagon range is that it has enormously versatile application. From late Elizabethan times to the Crimean War these vehicles will not look out of place in any army.

WLOA943 Ridge-roof with minimal stowage
On a recent stop at the Dovecote Inn on the A46 to Lincoln, I saw an old wagon sitting on the porch roof of the pub. It could have been a full size version of one of our models! I looked exactly the same. I suspect it was no more than 150 years old. Our drawing are from wagons 400 years old.. so, not much difference.

WLOA944 Ridge roof - a particularly attractive colour!
I have already painted 10 wagons and have a good feel for them. The detail is very well defined and easy to paint. Techniques using washes, inks and weathering which I normally apply to WW2 vehicles worked extremely well on them. The relief takes drybrushing well and ink follows the details in a very pleasing manner.

WLOA945 Natural wood finish - weathered heavily
I have finished wagons in natural wood, grey, red, blue and green artillery shades. I have attempted painting cyphers and field identification on the canvas covers and then fading these down. Nothing so far has produced disappointing outputs.

WLOA946 Reinforced canvas roof - green body work
We are now planning an exciting range of models to compliment both the wagons and the siege equipment range which has also grown significantly recently.

WLOA947 Painted for Swedish Army

More on both soon.