Warfare Miniatures update

I am sitting on a pile of gold, well, what I mean is I am in possession of a large quantity of mastered greens/sculpts which as yet, I have not managed to get master or production moulded.

Covid is at the root of the backlog but the complete reorganization of production facilities at Warfare Miniatures and the introduction of Ark Royal Miniatures had contributed to the production line constipation. 

Why gold? Not because these figures will make me rich, but because they are wonderful and precious and the kind of thing that creates joy when you look at them. I will in fact have to spend quite a bit to get them into production but that is fine as I believe they will be commercially successful. 

Much of the new stuff looks towards the East. We have plenty of Ottomans - Auxiliary Command, Armoured sipahis, Ottoman gunners all ready to go in quantity. 

We have some splendid Tatars and equally gorgeous mounted cossacks. We also have some Austrian/Imperial infantry with attitude which add to the growing range of WSS/GNW era figures in tricornes. These compliment the existing Austrian cuirassiers in the range.

We're not finished yet! The wonderful late 17th/early 18th century officers which are long awaited, will be a brilliant addition to the range and will suit most armies.

New infantry for the English/British and French are on the way and will finally mark a full commitment into the War of the Spanish Succession for Warfare Miniatures.

Autumn 2021- Spring 2022 is going to be full of releases!