Warfare Miniatures Wagon Assembly

Clarence Harrison - I've had a couple of questions from this side of the pond regarding assembling the awesome wagons from Wargames Miniatures. I have to admit the first time I put one of these together I found it a bit tricky too. Barry was kind enough to provide some instructions when I mentioned doing a tutorial...

Each kit comes with a detailed resin model of the wagon proper and a pack of metal bits.

The metal parts for each wagon kit:
2 x Horses
2 x large wheels
2 x small wheels
1 x front axle A frame
1 x shaft
1 x back axle
2 x packers (gold ingot shaped pieces)
1 x A frame shaft packer (hole drilled through it)

Here is a walk thro':

1. glue one of the axle packers to the top side of the rear axle shaft. This provides height. Then glue the exposed flat side of the packer to the underside of the wagon towards the rear of the body.
2. Glue the shaft into the A frame. It slots in with a fine fit. The bars for the traces should be at the wagon end.
3. Now glue the small packer with the hole onto the A frame by locating the hole over the spike in the A frame. Ensure the packer is running in a parallel direction to the shaft.
4. Glue the other packer towards the front end of the wagon body in the same orientation as the rear packer(you have already attached this to the wagon body with the axle bar outermost.
5. Glue the big wheels to the knobs on the back axle bar.
6. Glue the small wheels to the knobs on the A frame.
7. Take the assembled A frame and glue the small packer with the hole in it to connect at right angles to the front packer attached to the wagon body. The two flat surfaces should bond well with crazy glue.

Hope that helps... Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!