Warfare Miniatures WSS/GNW Firing line Danes and Prussians

Prussians loading

We are delighted to be able to preview some outstanding masters of Danish and Prussia/Brandenburg musketeers in Firing line. These models can be used for both the War of the Spanish Succession (WSS) and the Great Northern War (GNW).

Prussians Firing

Both nations contributed to the armies of the Grand Alliance and fought as part of their national armies against the Swedes. The Danes were at war somewhere almost continuously from 1675 till 1721.

Danes Loading

Danish troops also fought with the Imperial Army suppressing a revolt in Hungary - Rákóczi's War of Independence (1703–11).

Danes Firing

Both of these nations had dress distinctions - the Danes with their double row of buttons on the front of the coat and the Prussians with their coat/belt arrangement. 

Danish Firing line complete

Yet again Clib has produced some outstanding work. With our Marching Danes and Prussians just about to be released, these new figures should be commercially available around July. 

Prussian Firing Line complete