Clarence Harrison - Welcome to the new League of Augsburg blog site! The League of Augsburg has been the name that Barry Hilton has used for his wargaming efforts for decades. Many other talented folks have participated along the way, but the organization has largely been a solo operation. While Barry will forever retain the spotlight regarding LoA, he has kindly let me use the title for this site.

The purpose of the League of Augsburg blog is to support the continued growth of Beneath the Lily Banners, the launch of Donnybrook, Warfare Miniatures, and the general promotion of the period of military history from 1660-1721 (give or take a couple of decades). There will be multiple authors and artists contributing to these pages and after we launch we will consider submissions from guests as well, creating an alliance worthy of the name The League of Augsburg. The plan is to present a wide variety of articles - history, wargaming, painting, terrain building, scenarios, and battle reports, as well as news for Warfare Miniatures, Wordtwister Publishing, and Quindia Studios. We also aim to provide unique content that you won't find on our our other various websites (though expect some cross promotion from time to time as part of our news). Finally, the Fighting Talk Forum will still be central for debates on the period, but we hope you will all comment and participate here as well!

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Thanks for stopping by!