What you've been waiting for - Ottomans!

It is with both great pleasure and excitement that the LoA Blog previews our first six codes of Ottomans.

Based around the Janissary corps circa 1680-1720 the packs represent:

1. Janissary full dress Advancing
2. Janissary full dress Standing
3. Janissary campaign dress firing line
4. Janissary campaign dress loading
5. Janissary Command standing
6. Janissary Command advancing

These sculpts should be mastered over the next couple of weeks and be commercially available during August 2018.

Hot on their heels will be cavalry and more infantry types.

We are absolutely knocked out by these sculpts. The detail and accuracy are of the highest level and the poses are a complete knock out.

If things go to plan we'll have at least on game on the circuit featuring them this year.

Game on!