Whisky in the Jar

As I was going' over the Cork and Kerry mountains
I saw Captain Farrell and his money he was counting
I first produced my pistol and I then produced my rapier
I said stand or deliver or the devil he may take ye

David O'Brien - These are the opening words to a traditional Irish folk song made famous by the rock group Thin Lizzy in the 1970’s and sets the scene for this Donnybrook scenario. This scenario should not be confused with a similar titled scenario created by Barry Hilton for Beneath Lily Banners which appeared in Charles Grant’s 2013 Wargames Annual and covers a completely different action. Captain Farrell’s force is taken from the Army Faction but no unit should be better than drilled. Hogan’s force is taken from the Rapparee Faction, the fighting monk should not be used but the weapons cache, bogged down and Irish mist would be suitable for this scenario.

Captain Farrell the military paymaster was taking a military pay wagon through the Cork and Kerry mountains when the axle snapped. He has sent off his cavalry to look for a new wagon and is waiting for his infantry escort to catch up with the mounted escort which only leaves 2 units of dragoons for protection. Unfortunately for the captain a well known Rapparee Michael ‘Galloping’ Hogan has spotted him counting out the money and lightly defended and has called out his men to pocket a pretty penny. The map is only a suggestion of the hilly terrain and should obviously be created from what you have in your collection.

Sample Forces
The two forces I've listed below are just a guide and should be altered to fit your collections.
Captain Farrell's Force is taken from the Army Faction list.
Captain Farrell is the force Hero, he has a horse, long sword and brace of pistols.
One broken wagon with three pay chests unloaded beside it.
Two units of 6 drilled dragoons, they have a horse, musket and bayonet and short sword.
Two units of 6 drilled cavalry, they are mounted, have long sword, brace of pistols and carbine.
Two units of 12 recruit infantry, they have a musket, bayonet and short sword.
This force can have 4 drilled characters and 2 recruit characters, I have given the two infantry units a drilled officer and a recruit sergeant. The dragoons have been given a drilled sergeant and a recruit drummer. The cavalry have been given a drilled ensign and a drilled sergeant.

Michael Hogan's force is taken from the Rapparee Faction list but for this scenario I would suggest they are all on foot except for Hogan.
Michael Hogan is the force hero, he is mounted with a long sword and brace of pistols.
One unit of 4 elite men armed with either half pikes, or muskets, or a brace of pistols and short sword, they can all be armed with the same weapon or a mixture.
Two units of 8 drilled infantry armed with half pikes and short swords.
One unit of 8 drilled infantry armed with muskets and short swords.
This force could have 4 characters similar to the army faction but for this scenario I would suggest they use the Kings Man which allows this force to delay use of an army faction card, and the character options such as weapon cache which gives a unit a pistol, bogged down which allows the Rapparee player to place a bog anywhere at the start of a new move and Irish Mist which allows the Hogan player to place a thick bank of fog in front of an enemy unit before it is about to shoot. The fog then obscures the target and they can't be shot that turn.

Captain Farrell and his dragoons should all be dismounted at point C on the map at the start of the game and the 3 pay chests have been unloaded from the damaged wagon, they are placed first before any of Hogan's troops are deployed. His two units of cavalry are deployed off table at point B and the two units of infantry are off table at point A, these will only come on once their cards have been drawn. Hogan’s men can be set up anywhere on the table but can’t be any closer than 18” to Farrell or his men and the wagon.

I took all of his money and it was a pretty penny.
I took all of his money and I brought it home to Molly

End of Game
This game only lasts for 15 moves.

Victory Conditions
The winner is side which controls the most money at the end of the game and for Hogan’s side that means he has to get his money to safety at Molly’s chambers in the Thin Lizzy pub.

Special Rules
* Hogan’s force should have either a wagon or some pack horses to carry the money boxes.
* It takes one man a whole move doing nothing else to pick up and load a money box.

* The Rapparees wagon or pack horse should have it's own card and is controlled by whichever 
    player was last in charge of it.
* The textured areas marked on my map should be made up of hills, bogs and rough ground and is
   classed as rough going so cannot be crossed by wagons although a pack horse can.

She swore that she loved me never would she leave me
But the devil take that woman for you know she tricked me easy
Being drunk and weary I went to Molly’s chamber taking my Molly with me
And I never knew the danger for about six or maybe seven, in walked Captain Farrell.
I jumped up, fired off my pistols and I shot him with both barrels.

Optional Rule
This section should only be used if both players agree to it otherwise just use the basic victory conditions. Molly Malone is a well known ‘Fence’ in the streets of Dublin and lots of stolen property and cash has been hidden under her barrow of mussels and cockles for getting disposed of safely. Also unknown to Hogan she has also been having an affair with Captain Farrell. Once Hogan gets to Molly’s chamber he should roll a d6 and add 1 to the dice roll for every money box after the first and go by the result below. If Hogan has killed Captain Farrell during the basic game he should deduct 1 from the dice roll.

1 or 2. Molly drugs his whisky and double crosses Hogan,  
           he ends up in prison for killing Farrell, she keeps the money, so Hogan ends up with nothing.

3 or 4. The result stays the same but he enjoys a good jar of whisky.

5 or 6. Molly manages to double the value of the money, they enjoy a good few jars of whisky
            then run off to the new world with Hogan to start a new life.

Now some men like the fishing and some men like the fowlin',
And some men like ta hear, the cannon ball a roarin'.
Me? I like sleepin' especially in my Molly's chamber.
But here I am in prison, here I am with ball and chain, yeah.