William of Orange - Warfare Miniatures by Mark Allen

Mark Allen was one of the main influences on my obsession with the period which has given its name to this Blog. I drooled over Mark's inspirational figures and games photographed so carefully by Duncan Macfarlane as far back as 1991 when they were a staple of Wargames Illustrated. His series on the armies of the period is still a go to resource for me and I am certain, many others.

It therefore gives me extreme pleasure to show case Mark's wonderful interpretation of William of Orange using Warfare Miniatures. Mark continues to show an interest in the period and he and I exchange correspondence on various aspects now and again.

Thanks Mark for the inspiration which has sustained a 24 year fascination for the period and driven my own efforts to bring some ideas and information to my fellow gamers as you did to me.

Enjoy folks!

For those curious about the unusual base shape Mark intends to put a staff group on another base behind but also use the two pieces separately.