Williamite Army 1691 in 15mm

Peter Allport takes us through his creation of the forces of King Willam III:

My Anglo- Dutch army

1st English Life Guards, Colchester’s horse and the Dutch Van Graben in front line

Inspired by the ‘soft’ Irish climate which produces green fields and damp days, I have created the Anglo- Dutch army trying to gain control of this ‘accursed’ land… here they are outside the gates of Athlone. 

Dutch Nassau-Saarbrucken, Huguenot De la Meloniere and the Coldstream Guards

In total there are 8 horse regiments of 12 figures, 4 Dragoon regiments of 12  and 16 foot regiments of mostly 16-20 figures… flags are by Quindia Studios and really enhance the look and ‘presence’ of the units.

Close up of 1st English Life Guards

Close up of Oxford Blues

Danish Princess Ann and Royal Horse Guards - the Oxford Blues

As Barry has mentioned, my trip to Aughrim, Athlone and the Boyne was fascinating and evocative. Aughrim is one of the most atmospheric and best-preserved (in that nothing has been changed since 1691) battlefields I have ever visited. Only spent a day there but for scale, viewing points, a sense of great events having passed here, it is hard to beat…

Dutch Nassau-Saarbrucken

Looking at a landscape unchanged for centuries, one is literally looking into the past, looking into history…

And of course it’s not rain, it’s Irish mist…!