Williamite War in Ireland 15mm scale

The Army of James II & VII
Many of you will be familiar with Ray's (yar68) wonderful 15mm collection through the League of Augsburg Fighting Talk Forum and his own blog http://onelover-ray.blogspot.com. Ray serves the 15mm LoA community admirably with his excellent units and interesting games.
Another LoA weekend regular and occasional contributor to this blog Peter Allport, also has an extremely impressive 15mm collection which he has been kind enough to share some pictures of with us.
Jacobite battle line
Like myself, Peter's interest in the campaigns in Ireland has been strengthened by actually visiting the battlefields. This has inspired him to complete the armies for the Aughrim campaign and finish them off with some Quindia flags especially printed in 15mm scale.  
Peter wanted me to point out that he doesn't have as much time to paint as before and concentrates on command bases and table dressing 'frippery' so beloved of many wargamers. He was kind enough to say the whole inspiration for this period has come from the league of Augsburg website, books and display games at Newark. 
Panorama of Peter Allport's 15mm Jacobote Army
The figures in the photos  were mainly painted by Damian at Ancient and Modern. The figures are a mix of Lurkio and Donnington (old style) which have a great deal of character. 
That reminds me, I am going to do some Pendraken 10mm stuff(sculpted by Clibinarium) as a little experiment in this period!
Enjoy, and Ray, I hope we can blag some blog copy from you soon on your own collection :) 
Photos by kind permission of Peter Allport.