With Talon and Claw released in pdf format

With Talon and Claw has proven very popular in printed form and now that it has been available for 15 months, I am releasing it in pdf format at Hi-Resolution.

For those unfamiliar with the book - it is a guide to Wargaming the Great Northern War 1700-1721 and the Eastern Wars involving the Ottoman Empire between 1660 and 1730. 

It contains, supplementary rules for Swedes, Ottomans, Poles and Steppe cavalry for Beneath the Lily Banners. It has army builder and uniforms guides for a wide variety of nations. It has over 100 colour photographs and thirteen full colour plates of unifroms and flags from the period. 

It has an extensive period primer and a detailed example battle set in 1709 in the Ukraine between Karl XII's Swedes and Czar Peter I's Russians.

You can get the pdf version here: