With this kind of view you are doing WHAT?

Mrs H knows how to pick 'em - I get to look at this all day whilst thinking abut toy soldiers

Well that's me. Travel does broaden the mind but I have things to do you see. I've got this BLB3 supplement to finish for the Great Northern War and the sun does not really agree with my Caledonian complexion anyway.

With a view like the above to inspire me (not of Landsknechts and Condotierre) but of Turks and Imperialists - I am on a roll. Tomorrow I'll meet up with a fellow gaming enthusiast, native Roman but denizen of Lucca, have dinner and try not to bore his wife and mine with talk of wargaming but it's going to be difficult to keep it out of the conversation. He like I is a wargaming addict and starved of opponents on a regular basis likes to fill the day with chat about toy soldiers.

The summer of '18 is proving hot in more ways than the climbing mercury. Clib has hit an inpired streak, we are getting lots of codes to market much quicker tan in the past few years and, I am getting some serious writing done here in La Bella Italia. The Ottomans are kicking up a nice bit of dust and with a large customer project involving said Turks on the horizon for next season we have geared our production capacity to rapidly sweep through the required options for a large Ottoman force.

Although I have been doing the usual historical sightseeing I have used the available time to push on with the meaty, non - rules  based sections of the GNW supplement which after a couple of weeks fermentation I will turn over to the creativity of Mr Harrison to begin his layout routine.

Rest assured I am working flat out on getting the book , the minis, the pdfs etc ready - the evidence is clear. I rest my case.