Wrecked - sinking and sunken vessel markers

A French 1st rate sails past a wrecked English 1st rate

I wanted to make visual representations of ships that had taken a bit of a hammering during action and used some of the Tumbling Dice wreck markers as made whilst doing some work myself with

Dutch wrecks for 4th/5th rates and Fireships

bits and pieces of other ships which I had cannibalized for various reasons. These all came out quite well. The larger ships are from the Napoleonic part of the range it is easy to disguise them for use in earlier centuries.

English wrecks for 4th/5th rates and Fireships

I have set them out here in the form of four Dutch and four English wreck markers to signify ships of a size between 4th rate and smaller.

Three larger wreck markers

The larger wrecks I have anonymized by using plain colours in the most common - red, white and blue flags - colours used by many of the major fleets.

Three deckers were used by the English, French and Dutch 
I have included a couple of comparison shots showing intact 1st rates sailing past the the larger wreck markers.

Going down by the stern a 1st or 2nd rate
There are many more posts on the way for the Dutch Wars project taking it into the 18th  century with larger French vessels.

Interesting view of the sinking 1st rate

A 2nd rate going down by the bow.

An English 1st rate sails by a vanquished French 1st rate