WSS Collection Julian Blakeney Edwards Part 3 French and Allied units

Barry Hilton - I painted less in the way of French units for Julian's collection than I did Grand Alliance units. This post is therefore a mix of various regiments from all arms.

First up is a Foundry unit painted as Regiment Schellemberg who may in fact be German and not Swiss. I had painted this regiment for myself using Dixon figures salvaged from an old junk collection I bought somewhere. I liked the colour combination and the dramatic flag. It then provided the inspiration to complete the unit featured below.

Regiment Schellemberg - German or Swiss

Next up is a unit which I believe is either Corsican or Italian again, without consulting my trusty sources it is difficult to say who they are but they may be Regiment Perri. Foundry figures once more and a nice colour combination.

Regiment Perri? - Corsican?
French field batteries

The artillery figures were in my opinion some of the better sculpts produced in the Old Glory WSS range. They look pretty well in these pieces.
Regiment Villeroi? - French

The above unit was originally part of my own collection and features some unusual combinations such as Foundry figures on large Dixons SYW horses. I think I called them Villeroi but again I can't be sure. They do have a service record buried somewhere in my tomes but I seem to remember it being rather undistinguished. The unit is very pretty though and I think Julian was happy with it.
Not sure who these were!

Another from my own collection who did see a bit of action and who do have a service record somewhere. I had very few Old Glory units and these, although nicely painted this unit did not fit well into my collection of mainly Dixon and Foundry models. It was also 'tricorned', a feature of dress that I was trying to avoid at the time!

So ends my trawl through the archive of unit pictures from the collection lately in the possession of Julian Blakeney Edwards and now residing at an undisclosed location.