WSS Collection Julian Blakeney Edwards Part 4 Grand Alliance cavalry units

I should know them from the standard!
close in shot of the Dutch
This first regiment was to my recollection, painted as Dutch although once more I have failed the test in remembering who they actually were. It was a single squadron regiment and the models are from the extremely patchy Old Glory WSS range. I recall not enjoying painting the cavalry . Horses had strange anatomy and riders had bodies contorted into infeasible positions.The fit of rider to horse was also awkward. Having looked at the standard they may have been painted as Tengnagel? Answers on a postcard if anyone knows!

Unknown  Dutch cavalry regiment.

The Foundry mounted dragoon figure in tricorne was one of the superior sculpts of this range. I remember painting the Wurrtemberg - Oels Dragoon regiment and enjoying it at the time. I painted so many of this Foundry range during the 1990s that even as I type this I can recall the intricacies of the waistcoats relative to topcoat and how that had to be approached when painting... so sad.. I should get out more! 
Wurrtemberg Oels Dragoon Regiment - Danish

Next up are the Gard te Paard or Dutch Horse Guards. A prestige unit with an interesting combination of uniform colours including a buff hat. This single squadron does not in my opinion do them justice. The painting is fine but the figure poses are very strange reducing the impact of what should be an imposing regiment of Guard Horse.
Gard te Paard - Dutch Horse Guards
The OG cuirassier models were some of the better sculpted cavalry models from the range. This unit, although never named was nice to do and looks well in the finished form. They were completed as Imperial cuirassiers.
Un named Imperial cuirassiers

A couple of artillery pieces completed the collection. This first is of Dutch gunners and the overall look is good.
Dutch field battery
The final slot goes to the intriguingly uniformed Danish artillery in their purple faced green uniforms. Such an unusual combination. Even if purple was actually some shade of blue, it is not a common uniform colour combination. I liked the Danes, I liked the oclour combination.. Julian got Danish gunners!
Danish field battery