Yet More AWI Flags

Ok... eight more American sheets for the AWI...

1. The Carolinas

2. Virginia

3. Maryland and Delaware

4. New Hampshire

5. New England and Massachusetts

6. New York and New Jersey

7. Connecticut

8. Pennsylvania and Rhode Island

There are four categories:
1. Known Regiments - these are famous... Green Mountain Boys, 7th Pennsylvania, etc. Ironically these are often famous because they were captured!
2. Known State Flags - these are documented for specific states, but the regiment is unknown.
3. Known Flags - these are known designs, but unknown regiments - they may have been either Continental or militia flags. When present, they may be used for any state, not just the sheet the on!
4. Fictional - Completely made up following conventions of the period... obviously these may be used for any unknown unit.

There were hundreds of flags and most are simply unknown. Some designs (or possibly the same actual flag) seem to have been carried by more than one unit, further complicating the issue. These sheets cover many of the known flags and should provide plenty of continental and militia flags for unknown units. If they prove popular, or we get specific requests, I will add more...

Of course you will soon be able to find these in the LoA shop.