Yet more nice work chaps! Warfare minis Guest Gallery 2

Mark Allen's work of art - King William III

I enjoyed the first compilation of Warfare work by other painters and knew I had plenty of other examples so here is a part 2 to this little series of work by gamers and painters I admire and which show off Warfare Miniatures and the period with both imagination and creativity.

Dave O'Brien's wonderful - Kirke's Lambs for Tangier

Dave O'Brien (DOB to the very few people who will actually speak to him :)) has done some sterling work on Warfare stuff

Great pike stand from Dave for Kirke's

Here are some of his Tangier 'Kirke's Lambs' and support heavy weapons....

Galloper gun beautifully based by Dave O'Brien

He's also been prolific with his Irish Jacobites who usually fight much better when he is not around!

Nice little conversion for a dragoon horse-holder from Dave O'Brien

Mark Allen needs no introduction here. His very inspiring William of Orange set some hearts a flutter across the land.. including mine! I thought he really did the miniature proud with this wonderfully creative interpretation.

Another two views of Mark's King Billy!

'Colonel Killer' Colin Napier has developed a fondness for the Huguenots and these chaps have seen regular action on the table during our weekenders.

Colin Napier's hardworking Huguenots and de Ruvigny

Roy Lowson is one of my favourite painters and he did these wonderful GNW Russians

Preobrazhenskoi Guards pikemen by Roy Lowson

Semenovskoi Guards pikemen by Roy Lowson

Line infantry pikemen also by Roy

Adrian Howe is busy with his Adrian's Walls business these days but there was a time when he was caressing Warfare Miniatures with his brush as these examples show

Adrian Howe's Jacobite infantry

Ade painted both Jacobites and Williamites during our various Partizan outings.

French gunners in Ireland by Ade Howe

You may be pleased to know there are now another three parts to this little series.