Your participation if you wish it....

English: From left: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 5th galley-frigate

I mentioned previously that it would be fun to get some small fleets together chosen/owned by blog visitors and that I would where possible, fight out randomly generated actions and feed back the results. If lots of people participate then the game load may get onerous and your fleet may not see action too often but, we can only suck it and see.

Size comparison  Dutch 2nd, English 1st, French 1st 

Having now used a very rudimentary points system for several games I am happy to share it  and encourage visitors including the many who don't actively post comments to send me their fleet choice which I will record and send back or publish under real name or nom de guerre on the blog. Each player could be a General at Sea or Admiral and think up their own suitably comic or heroic name.

Berber Pirate squadron - six Xebecs and Xebec Galleys

If we get too many games I could potentially sub the scenario out to a blogger member to fight by proxy and report back. Might even do a league table!

Dutch squadron - probably a bit more than 400 points!

400 points seems like a good place to begin. The same nationality can be chosen by multiple players.

I'll take your choice, pick the ship names and take pictures when relevant for show here. I think to keep things real, the following are the current available fleets

European Privateer
Berber Corsair
Jacobite 1688-1692

Obviously there will some limitations on certain lists such as Jacobite.

French 1st rate passes its beaten opponent

Successful actions will earn points, potential upgrades and similar plaudits. The scenarios will be generated at random using a list I have already prepared.

The random positive/negative cards will be generated per action. Fleet owners will get to know in advance what the scenario is, who their opponent is (by nom de guerre) and can issue a general order for the action.

Three masted Xebec from North Africa

If you want a copy of the points list please email me at and enter  AGE OF SAIL points list in the title bar.

English 5th rate Galley frigate as used by Captain Kidd - his was the 'Adventure'

If you then want to submit a fleet, simply send it by return using this kind of format:

Name: Barry Hilton
Admiral/General at Sea name: General Accident
Fleet: English

1st Rate, Raw crew 105
2nd Rate Drilled crew 135
3rd rate Drilled crew 115
5th rate Raw crew 45

Total: 400

4th rate Privateer - could  appear in a Berber fleet as a European renegade.