The day has arrived.. Mad for War pre ordering

First, let me thank you all for your patience. We have been promising this book for over eighteen months. Why it took so long does not matter anymore. It will be delivered to Warfare Miniatures HQ before the end of January 2023 for immediate distribution.

A shipment will go on to Warfare USA the day after it arrives on my doorstep. Orders for the USA, Canada and US Territories should be made from Warfare USA. Orders from all other countries should be made from Warfare Miniatures. We would expect the order to be with you within a few days of us receiving the book here if you choose the fastest postage option for your location.

Mad for War is just under 200 pages, full colour throughout and printed in hardback. It covers naval warfare from 1620 -1730 but that is easily extend back to 1550 and forward till around 1750. It contains full rules for square rigged and lateen rigged/galley fighting. It is aimed at scales between 1/2400 and 1/600 but could be used for other smaller and larger scales. Battles from single ship duels up to squadrons of more than 20 ships can be handled.

The book is packed with an enormous spread of content as can be seen from the shot below. All photos and artwork are original with no stock pictures used. 

The price is £35 (North America $45US) ex postage.



If you are new to Mad for War then buying it is easy! Just pr-eorder and we'll ship when it arrives with us.

Mad for War Essentials Customers - Please read this

If you were one of the several hundred people who bought the Mad for War  Essentials pre-release version please read this carefully:

We promised the £5 paid for Essentials would provide a discount if the main book was purchased. We have the names of every Essentials customer so you are guaranteed not to miss out. 

You now have an TWO options when ordering from the League of Augsburg shop (if you ordered Essentials from Warfare Miniatures USA, you already received a discount code in your email):

1. Preorder the book as normal. Then, send an email to and title the mail:

Mad for War refund  

and we'll Paypal you back with a £5 refund if your name is on the list of Essentials customers.


2. Preorder the book as normal. Then, send an email to and title the mail:

  Scenarios Offer  

You can choose ANY THREE Mad for War 4Play scenario packs. Just name your choices,and we'll send those straight to you BEFORE THE BOOK IS RELEASED. These are priced at £4.00 EACH so you will effectively receive £12 worth of outstanding Mad for War gaming options for the £5 you originally invested in Essentials. There are currently 17 packs to choose from with more being released on a regular basis.

Somes examples: