The League of Augsburg

That thorny old issue... Scales


sample page from Rolling Thunder!

We are developing new products all the time. Right now I am close to finishing and publishing the Mad for War fleet rules which are called Rolling Thunder! The system uses multi-based ships on a 1:1 basis  utilizing smaller scale models to facilitate the painting and use of entire fleets in the Anglo-Dutch War period. This can mean upward of 100 ships per side.



Seven German cruisers search for their opponents

I painted up a bunch of 1/4800 WWI era armoured cruisers to play a few games at home. This scenario is on a 4 x 2' table. The rules are Majestic 12's Grand Fleet. I have been familiarizing myself with these for a couple of weeks. 

The Germans thus far have not done so well. I constructed two equal points orbats which pitted a British armoured cruiser...