The League of Augsburg

A weekend with the League of Augsburg…..

With another Weekender looming on the horizon Mark Shearwood shares his view of some wargaming Rock n' roll...

Mark's first killing ground near Taunton.. lucky he was defending!

I have followed the reports of previous weekends with interest and I must admit a little envy, so when a thread appeared by Barry on Fighting Talk on the Monday following Salute 2016 putting out feelers for a autumn weekend...

Snowstorm? Brainstorm? Fraudstadt.. League of Augsburg style

Looking from the Swedish right towards the Russian positions

I honestly thought I had blogged our Fraustadt refight(s). Clearly I had not! A request to know more on another thread has prompted me to go to the archive and pull out some pix and scour my memory for what actually happened on the day (s) we ran this in Dumfries two or three years back.

The Swedish Army from its left wing looking long the...

GNW Swedish units.. the long road since 1996

Foundry+ conversions + Dixons and Redoubt components - The Dal 1996.. sadly gone

I have a nice archive of my GNW efforts form the time when there was pretty much nothing available, through various iterations to now when I am pretty much writing my own ticket with GNW releases.. a kind of fantasy come true.

Plenty of conversion work Ducker's Dragoons 1997 - the cape is milliput - still have these


The Warp Factor

A knee jerk response? I do hope not!

This piece picks around in the delicate minefield of borderline xenophobia. It has fermented through a series of conversations and exchanges which have on occasion provoked me to address the keyboard in an earnest fashion. Ironically the most recent was a conversation about the great British victory of Waterloo (not this Blog's core period but the straw which...

Eclectic Holiday post #1 AFVs I have known

Well, it is the holiday season and I do have a lot of pictures in my archive so I thought I would share some of those as wargamers often like to see the real thing as well as toys. 

Sherman with long 75 - Utah Beach, Normandie - taken 2016

British Universal Carrier - Caen, Normandie - taken in 2008

M3 Half track - D Day Museum near Omaha Beach - taken 2016

Non penetrating hits on Panther glacis -...

Solving a basing conundrum - GNW Russians

The original and traditional idea which of course, works!

I was very much looking forward to this task but at the same time had some trepidation. I worked hard on the painting, I loved the sculpts and the poses yet putting them all together in a unit presented some challenges.

Marginal bayonet overhang - still a nightmare for my OCD

From a slightly different angle

The chaps thrusting their bayonets...

Battle for Britain Part 8.. In the North, it's complicated

Right Lads! Where are we stashing this blagged gear? The story from the North

After a short interlude of news and other stuff we are back in 1692 Britain and joining the confused commanders about to do battle for their chosen King and take control of Britain...

In the three weeks running up to the weekender I sent campaign summaries to the commanders. The idea was to get everyone in the groove and...

500 not out! LoA blog's 500th post

Luddite? You bet!

This blogging lark crept up on me. I am mostly definitely not the most social media savvy person on the planet and actively steer clear of Friend Face (IT Crowd reference!), 'The Twitter' (as articulated - BBC Radio 4's Today programme), Insta-grab, What's Occuring or whatever the non Welsh version is called... well, you get the point... I pretty much reject all these faddy...

New Warfare products - just in time for Christmas!

OK So we have a mix of great stuff on the run up to Christmas!

Some of it is available right now for shipping, some is to advance order as we'll have limited stocks for the first couple of months and we're giving our customers a chance to 'bags it' early.

Firstly let's introduce the new counter sets designed by the Harrison Brothers! The test sets we took to Historicon were a real hit and we sold...

BLB GNW game - variations on a theme

Russian Battering guns pound the 2B BuA hamlet between turns 1-6

When Bob came over on Sunday for one of our rare games I decided to smooth out the last couple of amendments to the new version on Beneath the Lily Banners with some revisions to both hard cover target and SHAKEN rules.

The Russian Army

I had been busily basing more Russians for the GNW during the previous week and decided it would be a...

Battle for Britain Part 7 - Players enter stage left

von Tettau, Marlborough and Tollemache left, Sarsfield, Hamilton and Berwick on the right
Three weeks before the event each player was sent a '1692 State of the Kingdoms' summary, a brief regarding their own situation and an order of battle giving details of the forces with which they would enter the campaign.

The master view campaign positional map - players saw a limited view of this

Over the...

Battle for Britain Part 5 - The Williamite troops

General Mackay's attack against Wauchope's French at Ripon 14th September 1692

Continuing the story of our Battle for Britain campaign with a focus on the Williamite forces participating in the war...

King William's forces were even more heterogeneous than those of King James. Dutch, English, Danes, Scots, Scots-Irish and French Protestant all contributed. Our commanders reflected this multi...