The League of Augsburg

Russian GNW Dragoon flags now available

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of five superb sets of Russian Dragoons standards for the Great Northern War.

Sheets are £6 each ex postage. I will have a limited quantity at SALUTE 2017 next weekend

Warfare Miniatures at SALUTE 2017 - 10% pre-order discount!

Toggy and I will be on duty at SALUTE 2017 with the full range of Warfare Miniatures products.

Find us on the Victrix stand. We will be carrying everything in the range including the new Marching Russian Musketeers and Pikemen from the GNW range.

six different Swedish battalions - Standing, Marching and Charging in tricorne and karpus

I hope to have some painted samples of these up on the site soon.


Instant Army.... well almost

Magnificent Polish Winged Hussar unit by Rob - a joy to base and flag.

Our return visit to TACTICA in 2017 merited a little extra effort and so sticking with the GNW theme that we've been developing we decided to add some Eastern spice to the mixture.

Toggy Bob did this colourful unit of Polish Cossacks - I like them a lot

With the help of Rob Goodyer whose excellent painting skills have become a new...

Normal Service (as such).. resumed

too much of this leads to....

This.. clearly what colleagues with iPhones are for!

Apologies for my invisibility over the past few days. Work and travel combined to make for very long and jet lagged days which kept me away from the laptop other than to deal with non emergencies.

Needless to say, in that time we've been hacked on the LoA site with I think concomitant arse-ache for anyone trying to log...

New GNW Streltsy flags

Having had two early Russian figures sculpted in the test phase of the Great Northern War project I decided to put them into production and thus needed some flags which were not in the later pattern to use with them.

I did a lot of searching and found some websites detailing various patterns of Streltsy company flags from the period 1600 - 1660. Bearing in mind the anachronistic nature of the...

500 not out! LoA blog's 500th post

Luddite? You bet!

This blogging lark crept up on me. I am mostly definitely not the most social media savvy person on the planet and actively steer clear of Friend Face (IT Crowd reference!), 'The Twitter' (as articulated - BBC Radio 4's Today programme), Insta-grab, What's Occuring or whatever the non Welsh version is called... well, you get the point... I pretty much reject all these faddy...

GNW Russian infantry defending - Code R10

R10 GNW Russian infantry defending
I have been eagerly awaiting this code getting into production and that should happen over the next couple of weeks. We had a few challenges with the models making sure they moulded just as we
wanted them.

The poses and animation are very pleasing to the eye. I always imagine what a unit will look like together. I am already painting a quantity of the pre production...

New Warfare products - just in time for Christmas!

OK So we have a mix of great stuff on the run up to Christmas!

Some of it is available right now for shipping, some is to advance order as we'll have limited stocks for the first couple of months and we're giving our customers a chance to 'bags it' early.

Firstly let's introduce the new counter sets designed by the Harrison Brothers! The test sets we took to Historicon were a real hit and we sold...


Look!  On the horizon! A WARFARE MINIS Winter offer!

To bring some good cheer to the wargaming community during the winter months Warfare Miniatures are pleased to offer a 15% discount on any miniature orders over £60 between November 15th 2016 and January 15th 2017.

All orders over £100 will go post free anywhere in the world during that time and orders to North America and Australia or New Zealand...

Swedish gunners finally available!

At last, I have actually been home long enough to load something up on the web!

The first two sets are available in the Warfare shop with the third set available within two weeks. We will be selling them at CRISIS this weekend!

Come and see them painted on the table!



Running back

WE ARE FIVE YEARS OLD! Warfare Miniatures at school age

Forwards! Get that guy from Warfare Miniatures!

When I decided to take full ownership of Warfare Miniatures in 2011 I had little idea what lay ahead. I never possessed an intention to get involved in the engine room of wargaming much preferring the less complicated view from the upper decks as semi-passenger and idle commentator.

The very first code WLOA1 which happens to be our best seller


Swedish Command S11 and S12 - painted after 18 months

Swedish Command Marching S11

Well, yes the models have been available for 18 months and maybe they have not sold as fast as other codes because I never got round to painting them and putting these nice versions in the shop!

Senior officer - possibly the colonel
No nonsense Sergeant
Elegant Drummer
Open handed Colour bearer
The second colour bearer

Both are for use with marching battalions with code S12...