The League of Augsburg

Ottomans on their way

Janissaries on campaign - two thirds of a unit minus Command

They arrived at 1600 and are on their way to all the pre order customers tomorrow!

Which one wasn't speed painted? 2 x 45 minutes, 1 x 90 minutes

Here is a taste of what is coming your way in the post. Codes OT001 - OT004 nearly sold out in the first batch so we are barely hanging on with those till we get reinforcements.

A base of...

Council of War(fare) - Ottoman news

A unique event took place at Warfare Central this weekend. Clib, Toggy and I met to discuss the future direction of the Ottoman range and take stock of what will be available in 2018 and beyond.

The first six codes can now be ordered for shipping in w/c September 16, 2018

0T001 Janissaries in full dress advancing

0T002 Janissaries in full dress standing ready

0T003 Janissaries in campaign dress firing


Gathering the Ottomans

A quick update shot of some Ottoman Janissaries in campaign dress - having photographed these for the website I'll be busting them off these little bases and getting them mounted up properly for CRISIS. Anyway, you'll get the idea.

We should have some solid news on the production volumes of these and the other codes from the first six sets very soon.

We hope also to be able to preview the Segban and...

Militia - all painted

various pikemen - Sedgemoor? Derry? Boston?

It took a while but I finally got the lot painted and Toggy did some too! This post is just to illustrate the potential of these beautiful models.

Armed wth scythes, polearms and short pikes - Raparees? Huguenots? Town mob?

I really enjoyed painting them - so easy.

The musketmen - each has 4 arm variants so multiply the horde by four and there is still no...

Ottomans - keeping them coming!

Managed to complete one full code - Campaign dress Janissaries loading/priming

OK - the big job - prepping 90 models for the production moulds has been done this week, Scraping and filing castings which are not going to be painted is a very tedious job so I punctuated that by quickly painting a few more of the new castings.

One more figure to add to the Campaign dress firing code

These are speed...

Ottoman news! - they'll be with you very soon

Only one of these models took me more than 45 minutes to paint

Things have progressed so much quicker than we dreamed possible. We have six codes mastered and these should all be available in production quantities before the end of August.

Castings now exist! pre cleaning and snapped in bad light with an iphone.

This means, we will take email pre-orders from the publication of this post for the six...

Lots of New 28mm Releases & Partizan -10% discount

P04 Prussian musketeers firing

We have so much new stuff that I have not been able to get it painted and photographed for the web store.
P05 Prussian musketeers loading and priming

D05 Danish musketeers loading and priming

D04 Danish musketeers firing

New Prussians, Danes and Volunteers/Militia are cast and in stock here is a list:

D04 Prussian musketeers firing
D05 Prussian musketeers loading and...

Another book offer from Helion & Warfare!

We are delighted to announce that Helion & Co would like to offer followers of this blog and customers of Warfare Miniatures UK and USA a super opportunity to purchase

The Swedish Army in the Great Northern War, 1700-1721 
by Lars Ericson Wolke 

at a special discounted price of £15 + shipping. This is a 25% discount!

All you have to do is email and title the mail 'Great...

Warfare's Old and New Swedish Cavalry - All explained!

SC01 New troopers supplied with a random selection from 5 arm variants

Several customers and Blog followers have inquired whether the new Swedish cavalry models are compatible with the very popular trooper we have been selling for the last 30 months.

Best way to start this piece is to show a comparison between them. In the above photo the two troopers on the left are from the original sculpt/model....

With this kind of view you are doing WHAT?

Mrs H knows how to pick 'em - I get to look at this all day whilst thinking abut toy soldiers

Well that's me. Travel does broaden the mind but I have things to do you see. I've got this BLB3 supplement to finish for the Great Northern War and the sun does not really agree with my Caledonian complexion anyway.

With a view like the above to inspire me (not of Landsknechts and Condotierre) but of Turks...

What you've been waiting for - Ottomans!

It is with both great pleasure and excitement that the LoA Blog previews our first six codes of Ottomans.

Based around the Janissary corps circa 1680-1720 the packs represent:

1. Janissary full dress Advancing
2. Janissary full dress Standing
3. Janissary campaign dress firing line
4. Janissary campaign dress loading
5. Janissary Command standing
6. Janissary Command advancing

These sculpts should be...

Exploring the possibilities - New Military civilians

The possibilities with these figures are enormous. With fifteen marching /advancing musketeers in three sets of five, each with four arm variants we offer 60 variants on the musketeers.

With the open handed models depending on the weapons used - scythes, short pikes, pole-arms, long pikes etc the options are there for a further 60 variants.

These are the first of a series of 'real' people in 'real'...