The League of Augsburg

40mm Cossacks versus Ottomans

This game caught my eye at Claymore.

On inquiry, it was explained as a mid-17th century Ottoman incursion into the Ukraine.

The figures are from Irregular Miniatures. I was taken by the striking nature of the set up and although very Old School in form, the subject matter and unusual visuals created an appealing show spectacle.

Banners are interesting too!

I thought Blog visitors would also be taken...

Story of a show game 5 - Forces : The Ottomans

Janissaries in full dress

Putting the Ottoman force together for Donnybrook required a little thought. Should it fall under the Army Faction or under the Tribal Faction? Categorization under the latter may seem to be bordering on racist bearing in mind the Ottomans were for centuries one of the most formidable cultures and imperial powers in the known world yet, their army falls into an area...

Story of a show game 4 - Forces : The Imperialists

This was a hoot! 1693 and riding roughshod over the French but it's 20 years on.. can the Turk be vanquished too?

I very much enjoyed the German Grand National 1693 game which we ran at Tactica and elsewhere in the first half of 2018. The competition between four German ally states against a common enemy was colourful and fun and even spawned an X rated version which I think was called the W hores?...

Story of a show game 2 - The scenario

The Panzer Division will watch from the sidelines whilst the infantry slug it out

The scenario for CRISIS 2018 is called Brahms & Liszt. It is set in 1713 on the south-eastern frontier or, north-western if you are Turkish! This is twenty years after our previous show effort of 2018 at TACTICA which also involved Imperial forces racing to over run the French in the German Grand National 1693.


Story of a show-game 1 - the trade off

LoA North American Chapter - Clarence did ALL the work for this one at Historicon 2016

Being a Team of two, you have to make decisions which are inevitably a compromise. I have captained some productive groups since starting on the Event Trail around 1992. Sometimes we were two, occasionally three, many times and for several years, I flew solo.

Don't be 'leg-ist' please!

I don't envy larger groups...

Crossing the Shannon - July 15, 1690

Clarence Harrison - In the period between the Battle of the Boyne (July 1st, 1690) and The Battle of Aughrim (July 12th, 1691) a variety of smaller engagements took place in central and the south west Ireland.

This scenario is a fictitious encounter placed against the backdrop of small raids, sieges and low level actions which characterized the year following the Battle of the Boyne. Scenario...

Kurpfalz Feldherren do the '45 at Tactica

Some Summer pictures of a winter time game from Germany.

Awa' in the Heilands - Speed Bonnie Boat and all that stuff..

Those very talented chaps - Jurgen, Sven, Stefan and Mirko aka the Kurpfalz Feldherren have done it again with this wonderful '45 Rebellion Donnybrook game at Tactica.
This looks suitably grim and Scots
Their table was beautiful and contained four forces - French, Highlanders,...

Synthesizing.. it's what I do

We are attempting to collate disparate information sources into a central pool and challenge some dubious 'facts'

The process of compiling our uniform and unit history guides is one I enjoy very much. I liken it to cold-case detection work or forensic accounting... that doesn't sound hugely exciting but in fact, the activity is absorbing and extremely rewarding.

I do not see myself as an author. In...

Amazing stories of Derring Do from Tactica..

Having at the last minute decided not to run this game at Partizan in favour of a Flanders Bash it is nice to give it one last airing here with some 'real life war stories' from the field of battle in Germany..

Notice the organized progress of these fine Danish Commanders!

Our Great German Horse race ran five times during the Tactica show. We entertained German, Danish and English players and ended...

The Cock of the North, Part Four

Clarence Harrison- Well, that was fun! Running a game for players who have no experience with a rule set is always tricky. You can spend a lot of time bogged down in tedious explanations of mechanics and the minutia of the charts and discover that no one remembers it all anyway, or you can just dive in. I explained that the troops mostly use d6s or d8s to resolve their actions (a concept they WERE...

The Cock of the North, Part Three

Clarence Harrison - Turns five through seven saw the action heat up as both sides began to make more aggressive moves.

Sir Arthur attempts to dazzle his opponent with a double order deployment in hopes of confusing his foe...

Unfazed, General Hamilton responds by trying to blind his opponent...

In the center of the field, Captain Magill's Dragoons crash into the second squadron of Tyrconnel's Horse....

The Cock of the North, Part Two

Clarence Harrison- For the initial deployment, I placed the Foot of the Protestant Association in the village of Dromore, and left it up to the players to deploy their Horse and Dragoons as they saw fit. With Hamilton not yet on the field, Chris played Colonel Dominic Sheldon who had command of Tyrconnel's three squadrons of Horse, with Jim in command of Sir Neil O'Neill's two squadrons of...