The League of Augsburg

A weekend with the League of Augsburg…..

With another Weekender looming on the horizon Mark Shearwood shares his view of some wargaming Rock n' roll...

Mark's first killing ground near Taunton.. lucky he was defending!

I have followed the reports of previous weekends with interest and I must admit a little envy, so when a thread appeared by Barry on Fighting Talk on the Monday following Salute 2016 putting out feelers for a autumn weekend...

Tactica 2017 - Back to the future?

Our bare-naked table

And.. with the troops - The Swedish view

And the Russian

Well, Toggy and I made it back to Wilhelmsburg this year via Bremen although we lost Mrs H missing in action with melted credit card in hand and crushed under an avalanche of shopping bags.

The Poles finally made their debut and saw considerable action

We know Hamburg's public transport system almost as well as our fellow...

Snowstorm? Brainstorm? Fraudstadt.. League of Augsburg style

Looking from the Swedish right towards the Russian positions

I honestly thought I had blogged our Fraustadt refight(s). Clearly I had not! A request to know more on another thread has prompted me to go to the archive and pull out some pix and scour my memory for what actually happened on the day (s) we ran this in Dumfries two or three years back.

The Swedish Army from its left wing looking long the...

Eclectic Holiday post #2 The Siege of Constantinople

Blog Die Hards - stick with this post and think.. 1683!  The Turks of that period were not so different from those featured here in the 1453 Siege of Constantinople.

Original and reconstructed walls of Constantinople on the European shore

Reconstructed section - it runs for perhaps a mile or more

I have visited Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul several times and on one trip managed to spend an...

Battle for Britain Part 4 - The French

The experienced Regiment La Couronne

Continuing the story of our Battle for Britain campaign with a focus on the French troops participating in the war...

Clearly the most important power in Europe and the grand puppet master of the continent Louis XIV had to have a key role in the battle for the British islands and the crown.

Since we allowed St Ruhe to survive the Battle of Aughrim and score a...

Battle of Reunion August 1689 BLB3 play test Part 4 second half

Start of T4. The strong Jacobite right has stopped the Enniskilleners dead.

We left off with most of the action having taken place on the Jacobite left flank with the Enniskillen troops coming off somewhat the worse against determined Jacobite Horse and Foot.

We at back in T4 with the fighting almost general along the front of both armies...

The finest infantry on the table - 1st battalion of the...

Battle of Reunion August 1689 BLB3 play test Part 3 first half

The Derry Horse brave the fire and smash into Dongan's

Now the fighting begins. Both players took an aggressive approach which saw the armies get 75% movement each and lurch towards each other.

Bob took an immediate chance by charging a squadron of the Derry Horse at Dongan's dragoons in advance of the army's right. The Raw troops had no trouble charging and the Raw dragoons passed their test...

Battle of Reunion August 1689 BLB3 play test Part 2

The Williamite army is in the foreground

In this post we overview Bob's Williamite force. The idea of its composition represents the available Irish Protestant forces before the landing of King William's English and continental troops in August of 1689. The units are all from Enniskillen and Derry.

Murray's Derry squadrons

Horse of the Left under Adam Murray 2 points

Battle of Reunion August 1689 BLB3 play test Part 1

Looking from the Jacobite left the size differential in forces is clear - but what about quality?

It's been over a year since Dave, Bob and I gamed at home and we chose to play test BLB V3 a little more with a scenario set in the late summer of 1689 in Ireland.

A pro-Williamite Protestant Irish force meets Richard Hamilton commanding a Jacobite Irish force around Reunion Priory, a ruin set in Co...

The Boyne - Groundhog day

The chap in the cap was the finest King James we had! Historicon 2010

With a recent post focused on our play test of Beneath the Lily Banners modifications I got to trawling my archive for previous efforts at recreating the Battle of the Boyne. I have a few!

Adding lots of troops on the north bank made it look very busy. Dumfries 2014

Here are some shots of some games large and not so large. Some...

Another peek behind the curtain - Donnybrook - River Foyle

slipping past the Jacobite guns (it was dark.. but not in my kitchen)

This scenario involved a daring mission by moonlight up the River Foyle by Captain Adam Murray and an intrepid band of Derrymen as they attempted to transfer some messengers towards their comrades in Enniskillen.

Ahoy! Boat loads of Jacobite dragoons sail up the Foyle

The action mostly takes place on the water as Jacobite dragoons...

Whiskey in the Jar- oh!: Part 4: The orders of battle and troops

One of Sarsfield's troopers

The Jacobite Brief

Having destroyed the hated enemy’s guns and siege train, the raiding force is now riding hell for leather to cross the River Shannon. Guided by Michael Hogan, the Jacobites are moving in eight squadron sized bodies and must reach and cross at a secret fording point. Once each group is across the ford they are safe. Each group has booty or prisoners of...