The League of Augsburg

Augsburg Partizan Candy..

Ottomans and Tatars to the left, Cossacks and Commonwealth to the right.

Following on from the Candia Magnificence, my bijouterie lived next door at Newark, offering the Partizan audience an intense little corner of Turkish Delight which seemed to please them. 

Timariot ad Kapikulu Sipahis representing about 1,500 high quality cavalry

It's been a curious thing, but over the last few months the number...

Tooling up for some 4Play in the 1650-1690 period Eastern style

I really don't remember having this much stuff, but I guess it has been accumulating over the past few years. Although I will have to top and tail a few units the armies are pretty solid  in terms of numbers and troop types. Here are a few shots of Polish, Cossack, Ottoman and Tatar forces.

They will feature in a few new foreplay scenario packs I am currently working on so, if you are a fan of With...

Cossack Flags!

 Clarence Harrison - On the heels of the Austrian foot, we have flags for your cossacks!

There are four sheets of five flags that may be used for both infantry and cavalry. If you need a custom size, get in touch! We can print them for any scale.

As always, they are available in the US from Warfare Miniatures USA and the rest of the world from the League of Augsburg shop!