The League of Augsburg

King of Buccaneers, 1671

Clarence Harrison
- So this was an epic undertaking. When Barry first unveiled the 4Play scenario pack concept, he invited me to join in. While I had a pile of ideas, I quickly realized I didn't have the models to present them in the manner I wished. We were eyeball deep in Mad for the Warat the time. As naval gaming had never been a passion of mine, I set out to read some books on the subject to...

Donnybrook Essentials

Clarence Harrison - It's been ten years since Barry and I published Donnybrook, our skirmish rules for 1660-1760. The book has been sold out for a while. We intend to release a second edition with the detail and full color treatment for which we are know (no date... it's in the queue... lol), there's a project I've been wanting to do for a while.

My introduction to wargaming was with the black and...

Happy days! - Return to Partizan May 2022

Neerwinden 1693 at Partizan

I am delighted to say that I will have a game on at Partizan on May 22. This will be my first show game since November 2019 and is a little bit of a last minute thing. Richard was able to find me a spot for which I am most grateful. 

Holowcyzn 1708 - 2007 at Partizan

Partizan has been for many years the constant theme for my wargaming efforts and getting something special...

Von Tripdenfel Musketeer Regiment

Clarence Harrison - The Gran Duchy of Sazir is a mysterious land of dark forests. The majority of the population are serfs, little more than slaves of the lords who rule from brooding castles. Duke Mortis (His High and Terrible Grace, Herzog of Sazir, etc.) demands universal service in the armies of the state and supplements his ranks with foreign mercenaries. 

That's it. While I could certainly...

The Realm of Quindia: 1768

Clarence Harrison - Barry and I were chatting on the phone yesterday and I mentioned a project I was working on, purely to fulfill an ambition of my own. It falls a little outside of the League of Augsburg period, but Barry said I should post about it anyway as it may be of interest to the people who follow our work.

I've decided that 2022 will be the year to finally launch a project that's been...

Cossack Flags!

 Clarence Harrison - On the heels of the Austrian foot, we have flags for your cossacks!

There are four sheets of five flags that may be used for both infantry and cavalry. If you need a custom size, get in touch! We can print them for any scale.

As always, they are available in the US from Warfare Miniatures USA and the rest of the world from the League of Augsburg shop!

Mad for War!

Clarence Harrison - While I will probably be messing with this right up until we send it to the printer, I thought I’d share the cover painting…

Mad for War, by Clarence Harrison

Flags for the Austrians!

Clarence Harrison - With the imminent arrival of the new Austrian foot from Warfare Miniatures, I thought it was only right to give the lads some banners to wave martially about. These are based on the designs for 1705 to 1712, but may work for a little after as changes in regulations and changes in the field were often different things.

To get things started, we have five sets...


Eppinger's Dragoons - Part Two

 Clarence Harrison - Finished! I really got on a roll with this unit and painted twelve models (and based all three squadrons) over the weekend. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're excited about a project.

Really pleased with how this unit turned out. I already have three stands worth of foot dragoons and a horse holder base primed and on the painting desk - hoping to have them...

By quindia on 2021-12-12

Clarence Harrison - I've been wanting to do this unit ever since I got into the period - somewhere around 2006. I actually purchased the models from Wargames Foundry, but other projects took precedence (we began working on Republic to Empire) and the models sat in a box (they're still there as far as I know).

In 2010, my real love for the period was solidified when Barry and I met at Historicon...

Captain Morgan

Clarence Harrison - Following on the heels of my last command vignette, I present Captain Henry Morgan!

Though Henry Morgan is often thought of as a pirate, he considered himself a patriot and privateer and always fought under the colors of England. His forays outside of letters of marque were often due to the glacial rate that news travelled at the time ("What do you mean we made peace with...

One more little digression into Napoleonics - Video 2

Part Two of the video which is a fast-paced AAR for the scenario explained in part 1 is now ready to view. Unfortuntaely I didn't have time to print and mount any of Clarence's excellent new Napoleonic Armee du Nord flags but it does show our ongoing heavy commitment to period. Here are the links to parts I and II so, grab a cuppa and a biccie and take 15 minutes to visit Belgium.

The game was fun...