The League of Augsburg

Russian GNW Dragoon flags now available

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of five superb sets of Russian Dragoons standards for the Great Northern War.

Sheets are £6 each ex postage. I will have a limited quantity at SALUTE 2017 next weekend

Quindia Studios LoA Collection

Clarence Harrison - I have posts on the way about my trek across the pond (organizing my notes and photos), but I'm working around the house today reorganizing my figure cabinet. I'd run out of space to display my LoA collection and several units have been cluttering my painting desk. Here is my entire collection so far...

Fourteen battalions of foot, fourteen squadrons of horse and dragoons...

The Lifeguard of King James II, 1st Troop

Clarence Harrison - The Warfare Miniatures USA store opened today, I've finally had a bit of time with all my preparations for this to get in a little time on brushwork for my own collection with the first troop of King James II's Lifeguard.

The Lifeguard troops were as large as squadrons (not sure why they didn't just call them squadrons). As usual with the Jacobites, we only have sketchy info on...

Warfare Miniatures USA

Clarence Harrison - Ok, I've been really quiet around here for a while. I've not been idle, but I haven't really had time to post. I spent the last few months setting up the new online store for Warfare Miniatures USA. There's been lots of dealing with bureaucrats and banks, fiddling with HTML, doing math (ugh), and sorting piles of toy soldiers. Quindia Studios and Warfare Miniatures USA are...

New GNW Streltsy flags

Having had two early Russian figures sculpted in the test phase of the Great Northern War project I decided to put them into production and thus needed some flags which were not in the later pattern to use with them.

I did a lot of searching and found some websites detailing various patterns of Streltsy company flags from the period 1600 - 1660. Bearing in mind the anachronistic nature of the...

Wargamers' Uniform Guides for the Siege of Derry

Clarence Harrison - Following on the heels of the well received Uniform Guides for the Battle of the Boyne, we are happy to announce the next series - The Siege of Derry!

D01 - The Jacobite Infantry of the Siege of Derry
D02 - The Jacobite Cavalry and Artillery of the Siege of Derry
D03 - The Defenders of Derry
D04 - The Battle of Pennyburn Mill
D05 - The Battle of Windmill Hill

There is more text in...

Pre Summer State of the Nation from WordTwister/Warfare/Quindia

scenario from the Ireland book

I thought it was time for a more general update on what the gang on this side of the Pond and on the civilized side was up to!

The Swedes are multiplying

2016 has been super productive so far but the full fruit of that labour is not yet obvious. The constant delays on the main Ireland book are solely down to me and my day job. Not being around in the UK consistently has...

Uniform Guides and Warfare Minis Free Post offer!

Clarence Harrison - One of the most common queries on the Fighting Talk Forum in relation to the periods covered by Beneath the Lily Bannerscenters on painting our little men. Wargamers are obsessed with details of a bygone age that most historians thought unimportant. What color coats did the Huguenots wear at the Battle of the Boyne? What kind of hats did Jacobite dragoons wear? Which Hamiltons...

Product Updates from Warfare, Quindia & WordTwister

Happy Easter!

Donnybrook in PDF format is now available. After numerous requests we gave in! Like most of our other books, you may choose from a high resolution version that is perfect for printing and a low res version that is optimized for viewing on tablets. Of course, we still have a few books left so it's not too late to get an old school paper copy too!

Recently we also released a set of...

A funny thing happened on the way to The Boyne... Pike & Shot game from Slitherine

Ah! The Boyne.. new, this will be fun

After a traumatic evening digging out my friend's car from snow and ice and preventing it sliding down a hill in a 'run of chaos'  I decided to recover by spending a mindless hour playing Pike & Shot which I very much enjoy particularly since they added the 'Campaign' package featuring our period.
Uniform colours and accurate flags.. even better!

I always check...

Target 2016 - LoA / Warfare / Quindia projects and products coming soon

Charging Swedish Life Guards from Warfare Miniatures
Who knows what this year will actually bring but like everyone else, we're making plans! So having done the retrospective a few days ago let's look to the future now (in the words of Noddy Holder)....

Starting with the planned shows. The League of Augsburg calendar looks as follows:

Prestonpans 20th February.  The game is Killiecrankie 1689

King James' Royal Guard Regiment WiP

Clarence Harrison - Two stands down...

one to go - well, four to go because I need two battalions of these jokers, but I will consider it a victory to finish one!