The League of Augsburg

May Special offer on 4Play scenario packs

Beneath the Lily Banners

To coincide with May Bank Holiday, there is a special offer on 4Play packs. The original idea is coming up on two years old and has been an unqualified success. There are thirty-seven titles plus five free titles. Each has three scenarios focused on a particular campaign or period. 


They cover all of our rule systems - Beneath the Lily Banners, Donnybrook, Mad for...

Von Tripdenfel Musketeer Regiment

Clarence Harrison - The Gran Duchy of Sazir is a mysterious land of dark forests. The majority of the population are serfs, little more than slaves of the lords who rule from brooding castles. Duke Mortis (His High and Terrible Grace, Herzog of Sazir, etc.) demands universal service in the armies of the state and supplements his ranks with foreign mercenaries. 

That's it. While I could certainly...

The Realm of Quindia: 1768

Clarence Harrison - Barry and I were chatting on the phone yesterday and I mentioned a project I was working on, purely to fulfill an ambition of my own. It falls a little outside of the League of Augsburg period, but Barry said I should post about it anyway as it may be of interest to the people who follow our work.

I've decided that 2022 will be the year to finally launch a project that's been...