The League of Augsburg

Lots of New 28mm Releases & Partizan -10% discount

P04 Prussian musketeers firing

We have so much new stuff that I have not been able to get it painted and photographed for the web store.
P05 Prussian musketeers loading and priming

D05 Danish musketeers loading and priming

D04 Danish musketeers firing

New Prussians, Danes and Volunteers/Militia are cast and in stock here is a list:

D04 Prussian musketeers firing
D05 Prussian musketeers loading and...

Warfare's Old and New Swedish Cavalry - All explained!

SC01 New troopers supplied with a random selection from 5 arm variants

Several customers and Blog followers have inquired whether the new Swedish cavalry models are compatible with the very popular trooper we have been selling for the last 30 months.

Best way to start this piece is to show a comparison between them. In the above photo the two troopers on the left are from the original sculpt/model....

With this kind of view you are doing WHAT?

Mrs H knows how to pick 'em - I get to look at this all day whilst thinking abut toy soldiers

Well that's me. Travel does broaden the mind but I have things to do you see. I've got this BLB3 supplement to finish for the Great Northern War and the sun does not really agree with my Caledonian complexion anyway.

With a view like the above to inspire me (not of Landsknechts and Condotierre) but of Turks...

Danes and Prussians -yes they are available

P02 Prussian Grenadiers Marching
Finally! We have six codes of Danes and Prussians available to order:

D01 Danish Musketeers marching
D02 Danish Grenadiers marching
D03 Danish Command marching
P01 Prussian Musketeers marching
P02 Prussian Grenadiers marching
P03 Prussian Command marching

What has been holding back the release of certain codes over the last couple of months was not just the backlog of...

Warfare Miniatures - price changes

Lots of companies try and lead into difficult news with the back story. I prefer to be to the point.
I want to let customers know that Warfare Miniatures will be increasing the prices of certain codes from August 1st 2018.

Having told you that, I can now explain a little about why we are doing this.

Warfare Miniatures makes money but in six years, every penny has gone back into the range to develop...

Fancy a Danish anyone?

We have five new codes of Danish infantry coming to you soon.

Danish infantry marching - Regiment Prinds George
D01 Musketeers marching
D02 Grenadiers marching
D03 Command marching
D04 Musketeers firing
D05 Musketeers loading and priming

In addition we have flags for the Danish Army during the period of the War of the Spanish Succession and the Great Northern War.

Code DN01 Danish infantry marching

To at...

We are doing something right it seems!

A ten year, iterative process

Wargames Illustrated dropped through my letterbox recently and in it there is a positive review of The War of Three Kings with some pretty pictures of Nick Eyre's wonderful 1672 collection being used to illustrate the rules.

Two well produced videos have been uploaded onto YouTube also by WI and the views and likes seems to indicate we might be on to something with the...

Warfare Miniatures WSS/GNW Firing line Danes and Prussians

Prussians loading

We are delighted to be able to preview some outstanding masters of Danish and Prussia/Brandenburg musketeers in Firing line. These models can be used for both the War of the Spanish Succession (WSS) and the Great Northern War (GNW).

Prussians Firing

Both nations contributed to the armies of the Grand Alliance and fought as part of their national armies against the Swedes. The Danes...

Building up the Panzer Division: Imperial Cuirassiers

Why would you not want to build the army that consistently contributed to the defence of Christian Europe and to facing down Christian Europe's most powerful Catholic monarch?

The Austrians/Habsburgs/Holy Roman Empire/Imperialist Army is the Janus of continental Europe - looking both South and North(west) at once.

For some reasons I always think the Austrians don't get a fair kick at the ball....

Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Pre order price £25.00/$40 ex postage
Take the field and win the crown of England for your chosen liege Lord! Fight for King James and aided by your French allies, lead the Irish Army to victory against the usurper and his foreign horde. Support King William’s claim to the throne and captain an international army of English, Irish, Dutch, Danish and French Huguenot soldiers to wrest the crown from...

Practice Race German Grand Prix 1694

Toggy and I ran the race today: 10 Turns, 4 competitors and all to play for!

The objective is to breach the French defences and capture their Marshal in the camp at the far end of the table.The game is played long ways on an 8 x 6. The player forces were as follows:

Imperialists: 4 squadrons of Drilled Cuirassiers
Prussians: 4 squadrons of Veteran Dragoons
Saxons: 4 squadrons of Drilled Cuirassiers

Warfare Miniatures: Prussians and Danes 1700-1721

Danish Marching Command pack

Clibinarium has been busy producing what I would describe as the 'bridge' figures between our Great Northern War and War of the Spanish Succession collections.

Prussian Command pack rear view

Prussian Command Marching

Primarily these codes were designed to complete the nations of the GNW giving us Swedes, Russians/Saxons, Danes and Brandenburgers /Prussians.