The League of Augsburg

Oh, I should tell you about Crisis..

Saxon skirmishers engage the Janissaries

The key drama temporarily overshadowed a very successful and enjoyable CRISIS 2018. The show was great on several fronts. Trade was the best for about three years, the Ottomans were very well received and sold to expectation, there were some nice games, I bought something big and we were busy chatting to friends and visitors all day.

Danes advance to capture...

40mm Cossacks versus Ottomans

This game caught my eye at Claymore.

On inquiry, it was explained as a mid-17th century Ottoman incursion into the Ukraine.

The figures are from Irregular Miniatures. I was taken by the striking nature of the set up and although very Old School in form, the subject matter and unusual visuals created an appealing show spectacle.

Banners are interesting too!

I thought Blog visitors would also be taken...

The work of Dino Todaro

Swedish Regiment Vasterbotten - the basing really sets off the unit superbly

Wargaming takes some unusual turns. When we visited Tuscany on holiday I arranged to meet an Italian gamer, collector and painter with whom I had corresponded for a couple of years. When we met in his beautiful home town of Lucca we really hit it off.

Detail of the three stands of Vasterbotten Regiment

Since then we have met...

On the mat - some shots of the toys

I quickly threw together some old bits and pieces from the various collections to test out the mat. I am very pleased with the way it has come out. I think it is fine here in our little Lace Wars corner to have a little heavy metal on show (I do still have a fair bit of it!).

So, the shots...

Swedish cavalry foraging in the Ukraine

German Cavalry foraging.. in the Ukraine!

My favourite Tnk - Pz III


GNW play test at Partizan

Playing length ways on an 8 x 6 table offers the Swedes space to get moving and depth to the defending Russians

Toggy and I cobbled together our Partizan game literally at the last minute for a variety of reasons. Needless to say, it looked fine and served and important purpose - that being; to showcase some of mechanisms written for inclusion in our War of Three KingsGNW/Eastern wars supplement...

Lots of New 28mm Releases & Partizan -10% discount

P04 Prussian musketeers firing

We have so much new stuff that I have not been able to get it painted and photographed for the web store.
P05 Prussian musketeers loading and priming

D05 Danish musketeers loading and priming

D04 Danish musketeers firing

New Prussians, Danes and Volunteers/Militia are cast and in stock here is a list:

D04 Prussian musketeers firing
D05 Prussian musketeers loading and...

Another book offer from Helion & Warfare!

We are delighted to announce that Helion & Co would like to offer followers of this blog and customers of Warfare Miniatures UK and USA a super opportunity to purchase

The Swedish Army in the Great Northern War, 1700-1721 
by Lars Ericson Wolke 

at a special discounted price of £15 + shipping. This is a 25% discount!

All you have to do is email and title the mail 'Great...

Warfare's Old and New Swedish Cavalry - All explained!

SC01 New troopers supplied with a random selection from 5 arm variants

Several customers and Blog followers have inquired whether the new Swedish cavalry models are compatible with the very popular trooper we have been selling for the last 30 months.

Best way to start this piece is to show a comparison between them. In the above photo the two troopers on the left are from the original sculpt/model....

With this kind of view you are doing WHAT?

Mrs H knows how to pick 'em - I get to look at this all day whilst thinking abut toy soldiers

Well that's me. Travel does broaden the mind but I have things to do you see. I've got this BLB3 supplement to finish for the Great Northern War and the sun does not really agree with my Caledonian complexion anyway.

With a view like the above to inspire me (not of Landsknechts and Condotierre) but of Turks...

What you've been waiting for - Ottomans!

It is with both great pleasure and excitement that the LoA Blog previews our first six codes of Ottomans.

Based around the Janissary corps circa 1680-1720 the packs represent:

1. Janissary full dress Advancing
2. Janissary full dress Standing
3. Janissary campaign dress firing line
4. Janissary campaign dress loading
5. Janissary Command standing
6. Janissary Command advancing

These sculpts should be...

Availability of new GNW Swedish Cavalry - You can order Now!

SC01 Swedish Cavalry troopers charging variant #1

Demand has alas outstripped supply and with commitments made to pre-order customers, the entire first batch of all 8 codes was gone before I even managed to put them on the website!

SC02 Swedish Cavalry troopers charging variant #2

So, now they ARE on the website and the lead time will be August 3 for dispatch of the next shipment from our new...

Megorsky: a review of the Russian Army in the GNW - An essential!

This book is an essential asset for anyone interested in the Great Northern War. I believe it will become the benchmark  hobby book for the Petrine Army and although it does not mention figure gaming specifically, it focuses on detail and content continually sought by gamers.

Comparing it with publications of the past, the gulf between it and assumption, conjecture and the rehash of secondary or...