The League of Augsburg

A bad day to get man flu... BLB 3 hits the streets

this is a productive evening at the Warfare Office.... ah, a job well done - all in the out tray for this week

Yup, I blame the Italians. I felt the tickle in a meeting in Milan on Tuesday morning and caught a look from my colleague - you ok?

From chaos comes order - Mrs H hard at work on the pre orders - at this rate there will be none left!

By Tuesday night back in Brum I knew I was for it. The...

Warfare Miniatures: Prussians and Danes 1700-1721

Danish Marching Command pack

Clibinarium has been busy producing what I would describe as the 'bridge' figures between our Great Northern War and War of the Spanish Succession collections.

Prussian Command pack rear view

Prussian Command Marching

Primarily these codes were designed to complete the nations of the GNW giving us Swedes, Russians/Saxons, Danes and Brandenburgers /Prussians.


Poltava part 2 - the terrain

Jon and Diane used artificial grass for the terrain and the manual paint job was very effective. The playing surface is very robust and would take a fair bit of punishment if unfortunate enough to experience it.

The table was twenty feet by six and the paints used were I understand, commercial emulsions. The paint job was completed by running the mats over a wallpapering table.

The redoubts are...

Warfare Miniatures Zombies!

Clarence Harrison - When I started working on my concept for Donnybrook Dark, something I knew I needed immediately were zombies. There are several manufacturers who make pirate zombies, but these didn't quite fit the bill as I wanted uniformed models. So I dug into my bits box and started a project worthy of Dr. Frankenstein.

The concept work began last spring on my flight home from Scotland. I...

GNW Swedish cavalry - gallop back to the field

A wee update for those interested in the disappearing and now reappearing Swedish GNW cavalry. These have taken about 9 months longer to appear than we originally anticipated but in my opinion they are worth the wait.


In addition to the originally planned 4 trooper sets and two command sets we have two dragoon drummers! So, reinforcements we picked up on the way.


More Donnybrook Dark

Clarence Harrison - Right! My painting in 2017 was not up to my normal production. That is going to change in 2018.

I started this second force for my Donnybrook Dark project (you can see my Scandavians hereif you missed 'em) on New Year's Eve - yep, a wild night. I assembled, converted, undercoated, painted, based, photographed, AND freakin' blogged about forty models in seven days. This...

New product news from Warfare Miniatures

Set 1 - Lobster helmet, armour and swords

ECW/TYW Cavalry

These three codes will be released sometime in January 2018. It has taken them a long time to reach the market having been sculpted bout five or six years ago.

Set 2 lobster helmet, armour and pistols

There are currently nine sculpts eight of which are pictured here. The missing, pistol armed trooper in lobster pot belongs to set 2. In the...

Guest post -Swedish artillery

Some wonderful work by William Nguyen Tan Ho from France on Swedish artillery from the Great Northern War.

William has done a super job on these chaps and the basing just sets it off nicely. I was very happy to receive the pictures and share them on the blog.

Wonderful limber piece too!

Feature- Russian Commanders

Shermetev, Menshikov, Repnin

From existing paintings it is difficult to definitively decide exactly how a particular historical figure looked. Statuesque and heroic or pox faced and pot bellied? Hardly the latter considering the sitter usually commissioned the artwork and nobody wants to look ugly in a 17th or 18th century version of the modern pouting selfie!

We chose three colourful characters...

Warfare Christmas Cracker 2017

Oh, Oh! (or is that Ho Ho?) It's that dodgy bloke from the mall again..

So what do we have in store (literally) for Christmas.

Well there is the   £100.00 GNW Brigade

It contains: 4 x 20 model battalions + 1 mounted Commander + 1 light gun with crew.

Each battalion contains 10 musketeers + 5 pikemen + 5 Command models

Gun crews will be a random choice from the 3 different sets SA1, SA2 and SA3
One of...

Poltava part 2 - the wargame

A late 'battle shot' with the Swedes through the redoubt line

Jon is very experienced at running large games as he owned and managed a wargaming centre on Crete for several years.

The Swedes columns lined up to storm the redoubt line before the battle commenced

The plan for the one day show in Antwerp was to steer the Battle of Poltava 1709 through its various distinct phases in order to get to the...

Poltava Part 1 - taster of an epic

This game was a year in the making and is the result of the hard work of Jon and Diane Sutherland who created it as a commission for a private collector.

I have been intimately involved with the development as all of the figures used are Warfare Miniatures and there are roughly 2,500 plus about 400 horses here! I counted 'em, Jon painted 'em and Diane built the terrain!

The commission was...