The League of Augsburg

Warfare Miniatures July Offer - Swedish Battalions @ £25.00

Battalion SB01 

Swedish Battalion SB03

Well, to celebrate the summer, my birthday month and the continuing march of the GNW project, Warfare have a July 2017 special offer.

S1 x 2 in battalion SB1

S3 x 1 in battalion SB1

S5 x 1 in battalion SB1

Battalion codes:

SB01 Swedes in Tricorne Standing ready
SB02 Swedes in Karpus Standing ready
SB03 Swedes in Tricorne Marching
SB04 Swedes in Karpus Marching

Will all...

Warfare GNW R16 Russian Grenadiers

Lots of hares have been running for many years on the topic of Russian Grenadier dress. The perpetuated image has been that of a tall mitre capped chap in a plain uniform very much in the fashion of the paintings of the English Foot Guard grenadiers or contemporary North German States'

More recent research points to alternatives. The Russians appear to have had at least four regiments of...

A touch of real class! GNW generals and heroes

The Russian Grandees

They have been in the pipe for a while but at last we can show a a glimpse of some truly outstanding little masterpieces from Warfare Miniatures. 

The Swedish Heroes

We have chosen the iconic figures of Magnus Gustafsson Stenbock, Adam Ludvig Leijonhufvud and Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld for the Swedes. Celebrated generals all and key players in the campaigns of the Carolinian Army...

Warfare GNW Russian pikemen in kartuz

These chaps were a little bit behind in the production queue but as can be seen from these pictures were well worth the wait.

I am not whether it was the colour combination or the figures themselves but I really enjoyed painting this batch which are now available to purchase in the online store.

The poses are equally suited to being used for sergeants or perhaps even artillerists if a little variety...

Warfare GNW R14 Sexy Russian Command

This pack is figure porn. I love the poses, the definition and the ease with which they paint up.

The Sergeant is pointing with purpose. He looks like a Vet. I gave him a very plain uniform in the paint job but that just adds to his no nonsense air.

Russian Drummers' uniforms are relatively plain compared with even the Calvinist Swedes. This chap has the swallow's nest shoulder ends as frippery but...

Returning to the scene.... LoA at Partizan 2017

Toggenhvud points out to Hiltonbock where the enemy are.....

Regrettably, The League of Augsburg has been absent from the Partizan show(s) for a couple of years. This was due to lack of bodies and the over-facing effort of single-handedly lugging a demo game and trade stand on a 640 mile round trip over 30 hours - I missed it!

Our pre-dinner stroll along the Trent to Newark Castle reminded us how...

GNW Swedish Brigadier vignettes

I was very keen to experiment with some test masters of the new Swedish cavalry command. I tried them on the new horses (of which there are 5 variants) and on two of the existing horses.

They were easy and fun to paint. The poses are dramatic and the look was very pleasing when finished.

I will let the photos do the talking with some commentary around each.

The dramatic officer has a separate arm.


Warfare GNW Russian releases for May 2017

Delighted to say that we have now officially released four new codes for the ever expanding GNW Russian range.

We have R12 - the long awaited musketeers marching which come with shouldered musket - bayonet fixed or bayonet sheathed.

R13 The pikemen to march alongside these fine musketeers

R14 An outstanding Command pack with very flavoursome characters

And finally  R16 Grenadiers in fur mitre standing


Pike less in Falkirk .. LoA at Carronade 2017

The LoA GNW game at Falkirk 2017

I cannot say the our preparation for the Carronade show in Falkirk was faultless. I spent about 90 minutes the night before the show looking out all the various components from the game we had run at Tactica. Terrain - check, buildings - check, troops - check (sure about that?... yep), trees - text to Toggy - check, rules - check, handout - oops I forgot that, never...

Warfare Miniatures - new releases and sculpts

Yep, I admit it, things have been pretty hectic over the last six to seven weeks. It may appear that we have not been doing anything here at Warfare Miniatures but a more accurate description of affairs is that we have not had time to tell anyone about all the things we have been doing!

Since my Dr Livingstone-Mr Stanley moment with Clibinarium in Enniskillen about a month ago (well exactly a month...

Warfare Miniatures at Carronade and Partizan 2017

Swedish battery appearing at Carronade and Partizan

As Toggy and I are working as a two man team with our demo game this Spring I have decided not to trade at Carronade and Partizan.

Swedish infantry attacking

I am happy to deliver pre orders to customers at both shows. If you order by emailing to beforehand I will be delighted to give 12% discount.

Streltsi battalion

Our game...

Russian GNW Dragoon flags now available

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of five superb sets of Russian Dragoons standards for the Great Northern War.

Sheets are £6 each ex postage. I will have a limited quantity at SALUTE 2017 next weekend