The League of Augsburg

What's the most effective way to build a wargaming force?


I get asked that question a lot. Since I have more or less managed to get my butterfly tendencies under control, getting balanced forces on the tabletop has been fairly straightforward. At the weekend, the conversation cropped up again. We were at a seventeen player event featuring two different types of games using a core rules system - One was a SYW and the other ACW. To tactically mirror the...

A demi century of opportunity 1650-1699

I was asked to deliver a talk on the merits of the 17th century as a wargaming opportunity yesterday evening for the Phoenix Wargames Club of Glasgow, Scotland. I happily agreed to that and was rather surprised to see attendees from Kent, Holland and Texas also on the Zoom dashboard. I thought it was a wee local thing for West of Scotland gamers but of course the internet makes us all local!

What I...

Wargames Illustrated walk through of With Talon and Claw game

Here is a link to a video I recorded with Dan behind the camera a couple of weeks back. Mark Shearwood played Dan in the game which will be featured in Wargames Illustrated in a forthcoming issue.

Wargames Illustrated - With Talon and Claw interview

Media work

Been busy talking to some media moguls in the hobby over the last couple of weeks. I did a podcast interview for Henry Hyde's Battlechat Live 32 which seemed to fly by but actually lasted two hours. Well, Henry and I are never short of a word or dozen and the experience was candid and interesting. He has a nice interviewing style which opens the interviewee up before they know it. Henry is a...

We are doing something right it seems!

A ten year, iterative process

Wargames Illustrated dropped through my letterbox recently and in it there is a positive review of The War of Three Kings with some pretty pictures of Nick Eyre's wonderful 1672 collection being used to illustrate the rules.

Two well produced videos have been uploaded onto YouTube also by WI and the views and likes seems to indicate we might be on to something with the...

Interview with Barry - The War of Three Kings

This interview was recorded right after we had played a game set in 1672 using Nick Eyre's wonderful collection. The game featured a numerically inferior Dutch Army taking on the mighty French during the infamous Rampjaar (Disaster Year).

Dan allows me to ramble on about the rules, why we made certain decisions and future developments from Warfare/WordTwister.

Hard Talk? Interview with Dan Faulconbridge UK Editor of Wargames Illustrated, July 2013

Dan at WI HQ in Nottingham
Barry Hilton - I know Dan Faulconbridge pretty well, from a professional perspective at least. As a contributor to Wargames Illustratedfor over 15 years I have first-hand experience of his involvement with the magazine from initially assisting Duncan Macfarlane to assuming an increasingly prominent role and post Battlefront buy-out, running the UK end of the show. For...