The League of Augsburg

Militia - all painted

various pikemen - Sedgemoor? Derry? Boston?

It took a while but I finally got the lot painted and Toggy did some too! This post is just to illustrate the potential of these beautiful models.

Armed wth scythes, polearms and short pikes - Raparees? Huguenots? Town mob?

I really enjoyed painting them - so easy.

The musketmen - each has 4 arm variants so multiply the horde by four and there is still no...

Exploring the possibilities - New Military civilians

The possibilities with these figures are enormous. With fifteen marching /advancing musketeers in three sets of five, each with four arm variants we offer 60 variants on the musketeers.

With the open handed models depending on the weapons used - scythes, short pikes, pole-arms, long pikes etc the options are there for a further 60 variants.

These are the first of a series of 'real' people in 'real'...

Warfare Miniatures - price changes

Lots of companies try and lead into difficult news with the back story. I prefer to be to the point.
I want to let customers know that Warfare Miniatures will be increasing the prices of certain codes from August 1st 2018.

Having told you that, I can now explain a little about why we are doing this.

Warfare Miniatures makes money but in six years, every penny has gone back into the range to develop...

Why wouldn't they?

We sent the Huguenots to Jamaica during our Battle for Britain campaign set in 1693 (Colin Napier's brigade)

It seems to be accepted wisdom that Huguenot regiments in the service of England and Holland did not carry pikes during the period 1688 - 1697.

Before I continue, apart from logic, I have no additional evidence to offer interested parties regarding what is stated in this piece.

De la...

Synthesizing.. it's what I do

We are attempting to collate disparate information sources into a central pool and challenge some dubious 'facts'

The process of compiling our uniform and unit history guides is one I enjoy very much. I liken it to cold-case detection work or forensic accounting... that doesn't sound hugely exciting but in fact, the activity is absorbing and extremely rewarding.

I do not see myself as an author. In...

Amazing stories of Derring Do from Tactica..

Having at the last minute decided not to run this game at Partizan in favour of a Flanders Bash it is nice to give it one last airing here with some 'real life war stories' from the field of battle in Germany..

Notice the organized progress of these fine Danish Commanders!

Our Great German Horse race ran five times during the Tactica show. We entertained German, Danish and English players and ended...

You Tube video review of WTK

Wargames Illustrated have posted a nice (and well executed) video review of the rules on You Tube

Texel ships Part II - returning to Aladdin's Cave

Texel Roads from Den Helder - Texel on the horizon - its a massive anchorage

The area south east of Texel known as the Texel Roads was a massive anchorage for military and merchant vessels throughout the Age of Sail. The kinds of things brought up from frequent salvage dives speaks volumes about Dutch naval heritage. If the French were the Baddies on land the English were definitely the Baddies at...

I've been waiting to tell you this for a long time...

Military coats and informal equipment

Back where it all began. A passionate interest in the wars between 1685 and 1721. No idea that I would become the owner of a figure company. Inheriting someone else's idea of how things should be done and trying to work with that whilst always wanting to move things in a slightly different direction. Picking up on ideas started by someone else which needed...

New pdf set : A Wargamer's guide to the Williamite Army at Aughrim

I have been working on this pdf set for two years and it is finally ready for publishing. It follows the format used in our successful Boyne and Derry series of pdfs.

Clarence has made some super contributions on artwork and we've updated certain information in light of continuing research and focus.

The contents follow this pattern:

A01. Modelling the Williamite Army and its senior officers
A02. The...

Eighth Wonder? Texel ship diorama Part 1

I was almost incontinent with excitement on seeing this level of detail.

I am an unashamed Naval Nut and always have been. It doesn't matter what the subject is, if its in the water and looks remotely interesting I'll be all over it.

Den Helder is home port to the Dutch fleet - Belgian frigate Leopold I in centre

Having accidentally come across some pictures of the ship diorama at Texel about a year...

Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Pre order price £25.00/$40 ex postage
Take the field and win the crown of England for your chosen liege Lord! Fight for King James and aided by your French allies, lead the Irish Army to victory against the usurper and his foreign horde. Support King William’s claim to the throne and captain an international army of English, Irish, Dutch, Danish and French Huguenot soldiers to wrest the crown from...