The League of Augsburg

Waterloo 200 - League of Augsburg style

Waterloo from the south west

This was months in the planning and involved Adrian building from scratch 72 tiles to an exact ground scale plan. Bob and Gerry spent copious amounts of both time and money swelling the ranks of their collections so that in the end, together with my own collection and contributions from Alan Cuggy, Bill Paterson, Colin Napier, Ross McNeil and Peter McCarroll we were...

Final report from the Front line Waterloo Part 6

210615 1015 - Zaventem Airport - the final dispatch from your front line correspondent at Waterloo 200. Last night's re enactment was quite different than the first.
British Light Cavalry
The Allies were all deployed already, no marching on. Napoleon did a circuit of the field to equal cheers and boos. The Allied guns (7 possibly 8 batteries) pumped out shots like they were using free money.

Report from the Front 5.. more action from Day 1

Setting a precedent for the blog today by posting twice in the same 24 hour period. The occasion I believe, merits a different approach at least for this week anyway.....

Walking to our seats this is the view of the reenactment field.
Having had a sleep I can write a little more about yesterday's action. The re enactment took place on the ground between the sunken road and the initial jump off...

News from the front 4 - Waterloo re enactment day 1

Union Brigade attack D'Erlon's Corps
I feel words are somewhat superfluous after this evening. I have just arrived back at the hotel and it is probably time to hang up my dice because no experience will top what I saw tonight. I took over 400 shots in less than 2 hours. This is raw stuff with no work so straight from the field.
RHA Battery

I think I'll reflect a little with my head on the pillow and...

News from the Front Part 3 - Hougoumont and the bivouacs

Skirmishing practice by the 71st Foot at Hougoumont

Continuing my front line report from Waterloo on the very day 200+ ....
Cavalry! Cavalry! Close up!

We started off this morning in drizzling rain walking from La Belle Alliance along the route of attack by the Imperial Guard. The feeling in the group was very excited and full of anticipation. We had a rendezvous at Hougoumont for a showing round the...

Waterloo report from the Front 2: La Haye Sainte, Charles, Camilla and John Major

As we walked by La Haye Sainte 0855 17th June 2015
70+ degrees and at 0835 we are standing on the site of Wellington's Elm. Little did we know that within three hours we would have seen Royalty and found an ex-Prime Minister of the UK in his post ministerial job!
Has the World Cup moved from Russia to Waterloo?
Grand stands along the attack route of I Corps
Just what have the done with the hallowed...

Report from the Front... Waterloo 16th June

French vehicles - notice the colour wargamers!!!!
I am fully engaged as Battlefield Tour Guide on the Geek Nations Waterloo 200 event which began yesterday in Belgium. The schedule has been pretty full so far. Yesterday we were at Ligny for 0900 and sampling the new Gerard Museum with the bonus of a re-enactor bivouac containing KGL, French and Prussian units.

French wagon at Ligny
I spoke with some...

Republic to Empire

Just a quick note to announce that Republic to Empireis now available in PDF form. As with BLB you can order hi-res and lo-res versions. What you choose depends on your preferred method of viewing. The lo-res version is designed for fast viewing on tablets and laptops. While you CAN print this version, the resolution won't be great. The high-res version looks great on tablets and PC's, especially...