The League of Augsburg

The Siege of Gerona, 1684 - Part Two

Jose Maria- After a few years in which tension with France was common, and in which Alejandro Bournonville, viceroy of Catalonia, was especially concerned about the defenselessness of the Principality of Catalonia, the official start of the war in November 1683 meant that the viceroy had to face the most difficult moments of his long political and military trajectory. The situation of the French...

Armiger's Armies

Happened to see these on Facebook last week, from the collection of the talented Nick Armiger! With his kind permission, we are able to display a small sample from his collection - in this instance, a Dutch brigade...

This is only a teaser... there are many more where these came from and Nick has promised to pen a proper 'guest post' for us in the future. We'll make sure to add more pics from this...

The Siege of Gerona, 1684 - Part One

 Jose Maria- Hello friends, for this year 2021 I have started a very ambitious project - a 28mm campaign, using actual period characters as leaders for my armies, perhaps introducing role-playing elements in skirmish-type games (like Donnybrook, Pikeman's lament or Encamisada) and also other games in traditional wargame field battles with rule sets such as Beneath the Lily Banners or Pike &...

The irrepressible Henry Hyde....Battlechat 64

 I don't know how long these are supposed to last but Henry and I were talking for almost two hours today (the shortest daylight day of the year... and my longest conversation of the day). We were recording Battlechat #64 and Henry reminded me that the last time I was on his show was #32 so, a nice bit of symmetry there. 

We also talked about whether I would have to wait till #96 to do it again! I...

GNW Swedes from.. Russia! The work of Alexey Kovshikov

Thanks Alexey for sending these fine images of GNW Swedes. I am happy to say I now have several customers in Russia and GNW is proving of course, pretty popular. 

I am even more curious abut the other period which seems to be popular with my Russian customers.... King William's War in Ireland!

A mixture of Warfare and I think, Ebor? miniatures.

Dino Todaro's troops for Northern Italian campaigns 1689-1714

Guardie Regiment of Savoy

Friend of the Blog Dino, lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world - Tuscany. He has told me he was born a Roman and moved north. He also told me he served in the regiment which descended from the Savoy Guards. That's a lot of Italy for one man - don't be so selfish Dino, share more! :)

The Guards from the back. A view the enemy would not see!

As he also helped...

Jeff Shaw adapts 4Play - Dutch v Portuguese

I am delighted to share some gaming experiences from Jeff Shaw involving the Dutch and Portuguese in the mid 17th century. That gives us an opportunity to cover Canada, Brazil, The Arabian Gulf and  India in a single post!

Portuguese and Spanish in Dutch Brazil - Jeff's cracking looking game!

Fellow enthusiast Jeff has been busy adapting 4Playscenarios which was precisely why I created them in the...

DOB's Donnybrook ding-dong on the Costa del Plunder


Dave (DOB) O'Brien has been a gaming buddy for a long time. Covid has kyboshed our usual get togethers and we both have been filling in with alternative gaming options. 

He sent me some cracking pictures of a recent Donnybrook game which I know he has already shared on Facebook but some more detail here and links to other useful threads of the Moorish connection for gaming. 

Tangier and North...

Peter's amazing 15s

Peter is a very active and valuable contributor to our little blog community. He and I have shared many a  wargaming conversation in various parts of Europe over a refreshment or two and some nice food.
His contributions often take the form of photos, comments and perspectives on the period and this post

features some of Peter's own massive collection of 15mm models. The first gaming shots show an...

Guest post: Gareth Lane's mega NYW project Allied left wing


Gareth's long running project is nearing completion. He has been kind enough to share the photos as it has developed over the months.

I am sure you will recognize many of the units he has chosen as I did. His lovely, warm painting style combines excellently with attractive basing and Quindia Studios wonderful flags to produce truly breathtaking forces for the tabletop. 

I understand Gareth and...

Great work

The return of Piet van der Valk a brigadier

I have the privilege of seeing the creative work of some of the 17th century gaming community now and again and am happy to share that with Blog members. This post shows work from Nick in New Zealand, Gareth in Wales,Yuriy in Russia and Charles in England. 

Dutch brigadier from Gareth... Warfare Miniatures WLOA20

Below you can see a fantastic piece of...

The perfection of military discipline by Mark Shearwood

I was delighted to open a package from Helion delivered by our trusty postal service this lunchtime because, I knew what it would be:

The perfection of military discipline: The plug bayonet and the English Army  1660-1705 

The book is written by Mark Shearwood, friend of this blog, good friend of mine, wargamer and modeller extraordinaire and most significantly of all, an authority on 17th century...