The League of Augsburg

Heidelberg Castle - photo walk through

The large tower on the right (Dicker Turm) was mined by Louis XIV's army in 1693

It was my good fortune to find myself in Heidelberg for a couple of days and to explore its Thirty Years War and War of the Palatinate history.

Many of the defensive works were repeatedly reconstructed after sieges during the TYW and Nine Years War

The view from the castle down into the town and the Alte Bruecke over the...

Kurpfalz Feldherren do the '45 at Tactica

Some Summer pictures of a winter time game from Germany.

Awa' in the Heilands - Speed Bonnie Boat and all that stuff..

Those very talented chaps - Jurgen, Sven, Stefan and Mirko aka the Kurpfalz Feldherren have done it again with this wonderful '45 Rebellion Donnybrook game at Tactica.
This looks suitably grim and Scots
Their table was beautiful and contained four forces - French, Highlanders,...

Gunter's video of LoA Waterloo 2015 + Blog links

My own 2nd Dragoons


As a 'non-Facebooker' I often miss bits and pieces of hobby stuff. This particular 2+ minutes of video footage was taken by Germanicus at our 2015 re-fight of Waterloo in Derby.

Adrian made the terrain, Toggy, Gerry, Peter, Barry and several other chaps provided the 8,000 or so figures. The event was a decisive result and the game...

Principality of Catalonia (Guest Post)

Hi everyone, my name is José María Cagiga (Chema, 1986) in the League of Augsburg forum, first of all I want to thank Barry and Clarence for allowing me to participate in their blog.

I am a wargamer based in Cartagena, Kingdom of Spain, and since 2013-14 I am very interested in the armies of the League of Augsburg war, following an advertisement that I saw in a magazine, then I discovered the...

Rawdon Raises an Army, Part One

Thomas Grove - After playing a game of Beneath the Lily Banners/The War of Three Kings I was hooked. Now to create my own army.

I really enjoyed Arthur Rawdon's force from the scenario we playedso I decided I would stick with the Cock of the North. In reality Arthur's military career didn't last long. But pulling from Clarence's and Barry's alternate history I'm going to soldier on with him and...

Tales from the Road: Futa Pass, Tuscany: German Cemetery

A nice antidote to the intensity of Salute!

A much anticipated trip to Tuscany brought some unexpected but very enjoyable hobby related activity. Mrs H had booked us into a hotel near Mugello, north of Florence. It lies on a road between the now under-restoration home castle of the Medicis and the famous high pass at Futa where the Gothic Line was cracked by the Americans in 1944.

The largest German...

The Cock of the North, Part Four

Clarence Harrison- Well, that was fun! Running a game for players who have no experience with a rule set is always tricky. You can spend a lot of time bogged down in tedious explanations of mechanics and the minutia of the charts and discover that no one remembers it all anyway, or you can just dive in. I explained that the troops mostly use d6s or d8s to resolve their actions (a concept they WERE...

Amazing diorama work from Tactica

This French and Indian Wars diorama is truly stunning work. Scale is 15 or 20mm. The makers are a German team from somewhere in the north of the country.

I saw another piece of their work through photos which is an enormous Napoleonic diorama with several Austrian infantry regiments depicted on an 1:1 scale.. yes you read that correctly.


Kurpfalz Feldherren Wargame Club, Germany

We meet up with the guys from Kurpfalz Feldherren at Tactica, Hamburg,  Crisis, Antwerp and even at Partizan. They do wonderful games at least two of which have been featured on the blog before. Lovely bunch of people, totally into their hobby and it really shows.

This wonderful game was I think Juergen told me, inspired by some of the Donnybrook Dark ideas (well the town at least). I just love the...

Donnybrook in Sleepy Hollow, Part 2 - Converting Bokkenrijders

Cat Reddington-Wilde: This time we'll look at the foot sloggers.

Foot Mob #1 received head masks with twisted cloth goat horns, in the style of those worn by the mob in the TV series. Some horns are added with bits of green putty. Others are carved in. Figures that started with hats, I carved down the crowns to be head-wrap size and clipped off most of the brim, but left some bits of brim to carve...

Donnybrook in Sleepy Hollow, Part 1 - Converting Bokkenrijders

Cat Reddington-Wilde: Several of us at the Boston Trained Bands gaming club have been working on a big Donnybrook convention scenario to bring to Huzzah! in Portland Maine this May. And I have fantasies of bringing it to Crisis in November if I can sort out the logistics and financing…

Rewind to the beginning of the project: Last summer, I was searching for likely rules to use for a some Gothic...

Poltava part 2 - the terrain

Jon and Diane used artificial grass for the terrain and the manual paint job was very effective. The playing surface is very robust and would take a fair bit of punishment if unfortunate enough to experience it.

The table was twenty feet by six and the paints used were I understand, commercial emulsions. The paint job was completed by running the mats over a wallpapering table.

The redoubts are...