The League of Augsburg

Buccaneers, Pirates, and Privateers

Clarence Harrison - One of the things I knew I would need when I decided to jump into the Caribbean theater were pirates... lots and lots of pirates!

These models can be used as privateers and general ship crew for every nation in the West Indies throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. There will be a few anachronisms of dress across this broad range - tricorns in 1635 and ECW era trousers in 1750...

Mad for War Game turn sequence video uploaded

 I have just uploaded a new video running through the game turn sequence of Mad for War to YouTube. 

Actually starting to see some games being played by groups now, so that's really nice.

Working on some Swedish ships right now for the Scanian War. More of that soon. 

Meanwhile here is the link;

Adventures in the Caribbean

Clarence Harrison - It's been a while since I've contributed anything to the blog that Barry and I are supposed to share. He seems to handle the load most of the time. It's not really that I haven't been painting, but more that I haven't seemed to have the time to document projects.

From the collection of Mr. Hilton

When I travelled to Scotland for an LoA weekender a few years back, one of the games...