The League of Augsburg

The Walls of Limerick, Part II

Clarence Harrison - A little bit of math, lots of carving, and possibly some harsh words later...

The initial step, and the most important to get right, was to layout the front wall. This is where most of the harsh words came in. All of the angles had to meet up with each other and line up with the edges of the boards.

The walls were detailed by carving scattered stones with a scalple and then going...

The Walls of Limerick, Part I

Clarence Harrison - Every so often I get the urge to launch some sort of stupid large project. Ever since my partner's series on the Walls of Derry, I've wanted to do something similar. My trip to Derrylast year reinforced the desire. Finally, I'm planning to run some games at a small local show if my schedule works out - The Guns of August in Newport News, Virginia. Rather than just set up...

Eighth Wonder? Texel ship diorama Part 1

I was almost incontinent with excitement on seeing this level of detail.

I am an unashamed Naval Nut and always have been. It doesn't matter what the subject is, if its in the water and looks remotely interesting I'll be all over it.

Den Helder is home port to the Dutch fleet - Belgian frigate Leopold I in centre

Having accidentally come across some pictures of the ship diorama at Texel about a year...

Amazing diorama work from Tactica

This French and Indian Wars diorama is truly stunning work. Scale is 15 or 20mm. The makers are a German team from somewhere in the north of the country.

I saw another piece of their work through photos which is an enormous Napoleonic diorama with several Austrian infantry regiments depicted on an 1:1 scale.. yes you read that correctly.


Kurpfalz Feldherren Wargame Club, Germany

We meet up with the guys from Kurpfalz Feldherren at Tactica, Hamburg,  Crisis, Antwerp and even at Partizan. They do wonderful games at least two of which have been featured on the blog before. Lovely bunch of people, totally into their hobby and it really shows.

This wonderful game was I think Juergen told me, inspired by some of the Donnybrook Dark ideas (well the town at least). I just love the...

Champions of Pike & Shot 1: Mark Shearwood

Siege of Athlone 1691 - wonderful solo effort by Mark

I decided to highlight the work of fellow gamers who I feel make a significant contribution to the popularity of the period 1660-1720. Mark Shearwood's output is both prodigious and high quality.

Meanwhile back in Brixham 1688 - Kidnapping King James

Mark has produced imaginative and inspiring games which have appeared at various shows mostly in...

The Battle for Britain 1693 The fighting begins...

Kirke's arrival at Santa Marta  - The Creole Regiment was already in position

Of course I have already blogged briefly on the topic of our 1693 Battle for Britain adventures but not really given any detailed insight into the battles. The reason was simple. I had a mass of data to sift through and organize and my time between the beginning of April (when we did it) and now has been filled with...

Tactica 2017 - Back to the future?

Our bare-naked table

And.. with the troops - The Swedish view

And the Russian

Well, Toggy and I made it back to Wilhelmsburg this year via Bremen although we lost Mrs H missing in action with melted credit card in hand and crushed under an avalanche of shopping bags.

The Poles finally made their debut and saw considerable action

We know Hamburg's public transport system almost as well as our fellow...

Countdown to Tactica 2017.. Buildings

1st Corps Russian Church - nice model and enjoyable to paint

When we decided that our Tactica offering was to be GNW based Toggy ordered a wadge of buildings and accessories without telling me exactly what would hit the mat!

A concession to frippery during the industrial production of the village

A large box arrived and I unpacked it to reveal a church, some farm accessories and three wooden houses...

The Boyne - Groundhog day

The chap in the cap was the finest King James we had! Historicon 2010

With a recent post focused on our play test of Beneath the Lily Banners modifications I got to trawling my archive for previous efforts at recreating the Battle of the Boyne. I have a few!

Adding lots of troops on the north bank made it look very busy. Dumfries 2014

Here are some shots of some games large and not so large. Some...

Tilting at Windmills (The Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Part Nine)

Clarence Harrison - Whew! I just completed this fantastic windmill model from Tabletop World.  I think there are less details on a Napoleonic hussar!

Check out the ropes on the back of the vanes, securing the sails to the frame. Of course, this model will be the centerpiece in our Battle of Penny Burn Mill game for Historicon 2016, forming the anchor of the Jacobite defense.

The stonework was...

The Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Part Seven

Clarence Harrison - Just a quick post to show off the water...

I used Woodland Scenics Realistic Waterfor the effect rather than the Envirotex I normally use. The main reason is that the Woodland Scenics product remains flexible when it dries. The Envirotex dries hard as stone. Again, without the wooden base, I was worried about the foam warping a bit and separating from the resin. As an added...