The League of Augsburg

The Great German Grand Prix 1694 - LoA TACTICA 2018

During the Nine Years War 1688-1697 many German speaking states fought as part of the Grand Alliance against Louis XIV’s mighty France. Although German troops fought in Flanders they also served in the Rhine lands and elsewhere.

Rough shot of how the GREAT RACE will look

Our game is set near the Rhine. The army of the Grand Alliance wants to capture a heavily protected French camp lying at the end...

Lots of Dragoons

Painted as Hanoverian Dragoons - WLOA58 and WLOA60

I have been slow off the mark painting and basing my dragoons but the new codes have sold very well so far despite having no oxygen of publicity.

Painted as Enniskillen Dragoons 1689-1692 WLOA58 & WLOA60 

So, time to give them a little ventilation and let everyone see how they look in nice units. Painted by myself, Toggy, Rob Goodier and Jim Masson...

At last - painted Russian mounted Dragoons

These are masters. I had none of the new horses to hand but this shows how well they sit on the existing horse types.

I have painted six troopers which come in two different packs of three. They are painted as the Moskovski Dragoons who wore a white uniform faced white.

I also managed to get one of the Horse Grenadier codes painted too. The also look pretty smart.

They were great fun to paint and...

Where do the forces ideas come from? Part 1

Jacobite Foot Guards and Grand Prior's Regiments - stalwarts of King James's Irish Army

Our Battle for Britain campaign has been running for a year now and in campaign terms we have come two years from the beginning of 1692 till the end of 1693. We've fought four major battles and twelve minor ones together with countless 'on paper' skirmishes and expeditions.

French Expeditionary Force in England...

Solidifying the Ghost Army Part 7: Wounded Sentinels

The wounded sentinels in the raw state

The sentinels completed

Although the Ghost Army force has only four units each with two characters attached I added two extra demi-units in order to make the scenario work. The first of these are three sentinels, each supposed to be wounded and therefore rated as Drilled in the scenario.

Ralf Abrahamsson in the raw form with milliput ragged cape

This unit has no...

Surely there can't be more?: Warfare Minis Guest Gallery 4

Joe North's Vatican battalion - genuine I believe

One of the more unusual units we have seen is a battalion which I believe was raised by the Vatican and was painted by Joe North.

Dutch Brandenburg Regiment by Kris Allsop

Kris Allsop painted these two battalions the Dutch Brandenburg Regiment (which may well have been German) and...

Sir John Hanmer's Regiment from Kris Allsop

Sir John Hanmer's English...

Nice work chaps! Warfare Minis Guest Gallery 1

Note: when I first got the idea to do this post I thought it might be a one off. In the end I had enough photos (with many left over) to do a series of 5 posts. I really enjoyed looking at what gamers and painters have done with range.....

Swedish Kalmar Regiment by Jim Masson

I thought it would be nice to show off some of the lovely work that other painters do on Warfare Miniatures and so this post...

Solidifying the Ghost Army Part 5 - How far can you get in a week?

A selection of the Ghost Army in the field

Something I am frequently asked is "how do you manage to be so productive?". The answer is quite simple. I don't have any spare time.

Lukas Strom takes an aimed shot

My day job keeps me away from home about 180 days per year on average. I long ago abandoned my portable painting kit which included about two dozen little Vallejo bottles carried around with my...

Solidifying the Ghost Army 4 - Weathering the Veterans

Three steps: Painted, Washed down, Weathered - bases unfinished

The look I wanted to get with these models was a faded, dirty, washed out effect. They have been in the field for over two years without proper resupply from home. If a parade ground look ever existed in the early 18th century which I doubt, these chaps are as far away from that as is possible. For those interested, a tip I would offer...

Solidifying the Ghost Army Part 3 Åke Öberg’s Vikingar

Åke Öberg’s Vikingar - the raw material - two conversions and three 're-equipped' models
The finished unit -Åke Öberg’s Vikingar

The unit is Veteran under Donnybrook classification and equipped with heavy weapons, in this case battle axes. They are known in my collection as Sergeant Åke Öberg’s Vikingar. His little command are formidable men from the northern provinces of Sweden. Almost inured to...

Warfare Miniatures French troops of Louis XIV

Gardes Francaises

It is true, we have somewhat neglected both the European theatre and the French army on the blog. There are a variety of reasons for that but these are mostly a positive focus on other theatres rather than an anti Flanders bias.

Gardes Suisses

With limited wargaming time I have chosen to point my interest elsewhere. Putting together a decent French Army also takes some time and...

The Battle for Britain 1692... concluding the 1692 story

Here is last year's final chapter, leading into our 1693 adventures....

Infamy! The English Life Guards treacherously turn on the Gardes te Voet

The guile of the Lord Lucan in persuading the venal Kirke combined with the grit of the brave Irish soldiers to serve up a delicious victory in the cause of the true King and the true religion– This is the tale King James’s counsellors would have us swallow...